My literature review journey

Literature review is the most challenging and utmost part of research work to my mind.I tend to think that ultimate success or failure of any research study directly depends on reviewing various kinds of scientific and research papers related to target topic. Since last year Literature review became an inseparable part of my academic life. I have been having a long journey with a huge amount of research papers.I simultaneously experience difficulties in this journey and benefit a lot from exploring novelties.respectively I made a conclusion of my current track.
On the one hand, Literature review in research writing needs a lot of effort to make. The most difficult thing of this very part of research paper is time issue. It is quite time-consuming work to deal with and get the relevant point for your topic. Personally, being a freshman in research field during my first year of Master’s program I read all literature mentioning the key words of my research paper recklessly. Thus I lost my time, patience and desire to study since it was very confusing and tiring. Besides, to find a source agreement is another trouble concerned Literature review. If one author demonstrates very essential finding and novelty, you become enthusiastic to find another source to support that report. However it is not always possible to find the source sharing the same claim. Again much time is needed to search for relevant paper.
On the other hand, Literature review is greatly aiding me in my research writing process. First of all, it helps me to scrutiny my study topic from different perspectives and find sources illustrating outstanding findings and conclusions. Reviewing diverse resources enables me to enhance my knowledge and find a right track. Literature review made me once change my way of researching my topic and change research questions entirely. I caught a focus on specific theme and my research about teachers’ challenges in CLIL was going systematically then. In addition, reviewing different literature I became aware of different challenges which CLIL teachers face in classrooms. Consequently, I divided my Literature review part into subtopics according to challenges. Moreover through reading research papers I taught me to correct style of writing academic papers and enlarged my Vocabulary. Daily review of books, articles and research works is also broadening my outlook as well as moving forward.As to my stage of doing literature review I am just taking up it since recently I have changed my topic.


6 thoughts on “My literature review journey

  1. Zhuldyzay, I think your ideas in organizing work at the literature review are very helpful. You are right that only after wasting time on reading everything, you are able to realize that before reading the whole article it is enough to look through the abstract or introduction. I had the same experience last year, but even beginning to read the suitable article you understand that there could be only words or phrases you need, but not the ideas. I am sure that your systematic work will lead you to great result! My concern is everyday reading for the thesis -how many articles is better to read ever day? – 2; 5 or 10???


    1. Dear Tatyana,
      Thank you very much for your comment which made me calm down.Now after reading my groupmates’ literature review stories,I do not feel alone and slowcoach.)))
      As to your question, I think that reading 2 articles per day might be very helpful.However we need to skim all our selected literature abstracts and categorise them according to their themes first. In my mind it is very essential for sytematic review and writing. Then we can take 2 or three similar papers to read every day and take notes.


  2. Hi, Zhuldyzay!

    Thank you for such an interesting post!
    You have stated the challenges and opportunities the literature review writing provides us, who are just starting writing the literature review part of the thesis. I like the way you suggested reading 2 articles every day. But, actually for me reading every day is impossible due to the intensification of the work. And I know that you also spend most of you time working hardly. I am interested in the effective planning of the work and study time. How do you plan your time, especially reading/writing thesis time?


    1. Hi,Gulzina! Thank you for your comment and question! As a member of NIS community,we both work very hard having almost no time for study! Luckily,my school administration is trying to ease my job intense giving as less tasks as possible. Also,I make myself to read at least one article a day or find source for my lit review. I encourage and motivate myself thinking that this is the last year and then I will be free!!!)))) Good luck in your research!!!

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  3. This post looks a bit rushed compared to your previous post, Zhuldyzay. You share your ideas in an organized manner, but it seems like you hurried through the proofreading and presentation. Be sure to space out your sentences and paragraphs consistently, as well as use articles and prepositions carefully.



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