Literature review

Literature review is an essential part of any research work. The main aim of literature review section within a research work is to link notions and concepts from previous secondary sources which have been done earlier to one’s own research. Due to this section readers of research papers get thorough introduction of the topic you investigate. However, conducting literature review is not so easy as it may sound at first thought. It is a complicated process which requires a lot searching, a lot reading, note-taking, organizing…and only then writing! In this blog below I will share my own experience about writing literature review which might be useful for my readers.

The theme of my master’s thesis is “The role of mentor in teacher induction period”. I have chosen this topic because when I started to work two years ago I faced many challenges starting from classroom management to various bureaucratic works. Therefore, the purpose of my study is to explore the effectiveness of mentorship relationships in addressing the beginning teachers’ challenges in their induction period. Unlike the majority of my group-mates who complain about the lack of related materials, I have found enough scholarly scientific articles on my topic. I have already started to combine the articles into a literature table which was shown by our teachers last year. I could assure that I have not faced big challenges in writing literature review section. However, this is only the beginning, let’s see…)))

I assume that the reason why students often seem overwhelmed even before starting to do something is because they do not actually know how to start and where to start). The right way to start, to my mind, is to refer primarily to reputable articles in extensive databases such as ERIC, EBSCO, and JSTOR which include dozens of journal articles, dissertations and links to full texts of articles. Another recommendation I would give is to create a folder on the desktop somewhere in the center, name it by CAPITAL letters and download all related materials there; afterwards to fulfill the literature table with necessary information. Another valuable suggestion would be is to look at the reference list of the articles as they could refer to other reputable articles.

Wish good luck to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Literature review

  1. Samal,

    Yes, just figuring out HOW to start is a big problem! But I think that once you take that first step, you are on your way. And yes again, you have to find the right databases and find REPUTABLE articles. There are so many fake online journals out there today! These are journals without any peer review. They just want to take your money and print anything they receive. But those databases you mentioned are good ones to find real, peer-reviewed articles. You gave some very good advice. Your organization and sentence skills are very good here.

    5 out of 5


    1. Dear Robin,
      Many thanks for your comments! I appreciate! I will try to do all my best further taking into account your suggestions and corrections. There is one thing I am concerning about is my previous task about APA style. I am afraid that it stayed unchecked((( Would you so kind to check, may be I am mistaken. Thank you in advance!


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