Literature review: My personal experience

I have changed my topic of thesis recently. Now I will be focusing my research on topic “Appraisal is a tool of improving teaching quality”. So I guess, you can understand my current position with literature review.  I need to find relevant literature that will really support my hypothesis and research. To tell the truth, I am struggling with this part, I am reading a lot in order to find a better definition to the “teaching quality” in my thesis.  For this moment I have already found about five appropriate articles.  Another challenge that I face is lack of time. Taking into account the coming verification visit of IB MYP my position of middle years programme coordinator does not let me focus on thesis a lot.

Here are tips that I am using to make my literature review more compatible with my research:

Firstly, you need to define the key words that will help you to find the appropriate research to your topic. I would consider it as a very important part of literature review. If you find words that don’t fit with the topic, while reading the material we will get lost. And it will even take away you from your thesis topic.

Secondly, read the introduction of each article and see its relevance with the topic of thesis. Sometimes, the findings of the article and conclusion can give you better understanding about the article.

Thirdly, make a table which will help you to sort information. This table will help you to see the relevance to cite necessary parts of article and you do not need to read the whole article again and again. This table could simply consist of two columns research area / source and description/main findings/arguments.

Fourthly, I would suggest some useful links that will help you to find recent resources like EBSCO, , google scholar.

This is the approach that I am using for this moment and hope that it will help me to succeed.


4 thoughts on “Literature review: My personal experience

  1. Dear Gulnara,

    I think that your post is very brave and honest, from the beginning you stated the currect difficulties that you faced with due to changing your topic and overload of work. Also you pointed very useful academic databases for finding needed resources.

    I have a question: which key words you are planning to use while collecting the rest of the sources?


  2. Dear Gulnara, I have some questions, but I will ask only one: why do you think that appraisal can be a tool for improving teaching? Do you mean that by visiting teachers’ lessons it is possible to make teaching better? If so, I have to disagree with you, because admin visiting lessons is not a pleasant thing, it’s mostly stress and everybody knows why. From another side, if the person wants to change and improve teaching style, he will do it without appraisal, but if it is not interesting for him… visiting lessons will be wasting of time,everything depends on the teacher, but not the appraisal.


    1. Dear Tatyana,
      I would say that appraisal consists of several parts, and it could be beneficial if you use it as a tool for improvement. I am still collecting information about appraisal. Hope, soon I can give more detailed answer.

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  3. Thank you, Goolii. I find your writing easy to follow, well organized, and with only minor errors.

    One common mistake you’ve made is with the comma splice:

    “To tell the truth, I am struggling with this part, I am reading a lot in order to find a better definition to the “teaching quality” in my thesis.”

    Another common error is articles: “Sometimes, ___ findings of the article and conclusion can give you better understanding about ___ article.”

    Fix these and you’ve got yourself a perfect post!


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