Literature review in my research life

As I understood from professors and reading materials literature review is the most important part of the research and it demonstrates your knowledge on the issue as well as serves as evidence of your ability to understand thoughts and ideas of other scholars and apply to your work. It is easy to comprehend but difficult to implement into life.

My first attempts in writing a literature review were met by obstacles and barriers. Thus, I did not know where and how, most importantly, what to search in google. As a result the only thing that I decided to do was to follow my intuition. This effort was appreciated by professors and my very first work received a high result. It inspired me significantly and I thought that the next literature review would be even easier and I developed the skill of working with written sources.

A month ago I sat to write a literature review for my Thesis and I was completely lost in dozens of scholarly articles that seemed to me perfect and ideal for my area of research. However, having read them I realized that there were no sources that could be used for my Thesis topic. Panic had taken my thoughts and I was completely frustrated.

The situation has changed when we had individual meeting with our supervisors. Professor Aisi supported me by asking questions that let me see the bigger picture of my reaserach topic. Moreover, she shared several links that  I included in references that I am using currently when the logic leaves me and panic starts taking my thoughts again.

Thus, there is a detailed description of steps that should be taken towards successful literature review. Furthermore, there are tips that can be used by any graduate student to stay focused on writing process. In addition, you may find it useful to read recommendations for improving your academic writing skills.

In conclusion, I would recommend you to find a critical friend who will read your work and say honestly whether he understands your ideas and what he thinks about a research area. This will definitely help you as the main aim for us is to show the importance of the issue and address it to interested parties by means of writing.


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2 thoughts on “Literature review in my research life

  1. Well done, Aigul. I agree with Dinara that you do have a professional writing style with very few mistakes. One thing I do notice is a bit of wordiness.

    Some of it is repetition (“perfect and ideal”), but others are just windy explanations of a simple idea. Let’s look at one:

    “Moreover, she shared several links that I included in references that I am using currently when the logic leaves me and panic starts taking my thoughts again.” 27 words

    I would rewrite it as this: “Moreover, she shared several links (see below) which I use when logic flees and I start to panic.” 18 words. You can still use colorful language (flee), but save your words for a cleaner, clearer delivery of ideas.

    Great work here.



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