Literature review challenge

images-5Literature review challenge …

Frankly speaking I would like to say that I am grateful to our instructor who gave great opportunity to share our ideas and they are transparent to everyone, this is great for those who hesitate about how to accomplish the task. You are able to read and comprehend the given assignment well. I understand that most of our group mates didn’t have any idea about the meaning of literature review.

My experience: when I tried to write review to the literature during our first part of research proposal, I realized some of our professors have thoughts that we have to know about it. However most of us have never met such experience before especially me. The time when I started writing the assignment which included literature review writing, some of people in our group did it in the form of table, which was good, some of them wrote long sentences that included quotes, phrases, and names of the authors that they used. I started my own investigation about the topic of this assignment; as a result I found some examples and did my task according to the example. Unfortunately the person who checked my work told that it is not literature review but it is an annotation. I was given feedback and I started working on it as I was guided. As the time past I can understand that it is analysis of all books, publications, articles and proposal, they must be credible it means you cannot just take any text or article you like. You need to read many articles related to your research theme, highlight some concepts and try to find them in the books you have found and make analysis or summary to them. All understanding came after some practice and it is possible to submit if you make it on time and read more. Anyway it is still difficult for me to write literature reviews, which include many ideas and information from many sources. I hope we will succeed in submission.

My question to my colleagues: What kind of free credible websites and sources do you know? Can you share with me?


4 thoughts on “Literature review challenge

  1. Dear Akzharkyn,
    Your writing is very clear and precise. The flow of information is good and in logical order. And I agree with you about credibility. It is one of the hardest part in any kind of literature. But for this moment we can easily clarify credible and non-credible resourse.


  2. Dear Aksharkyn,

    Thank you for sharing with us your experience with literature reviews. I can relate to it because my initial literature review was rejected, too. I am now also rediscovering what a literature review is and how it is supposed to be done.
    As far as your question goes, I have not needed to look for any resources other than the ones provided by the University’s library. It offers a really wide collection of sources, so much so that I have heard people say our library is even richer than that of Cambridge. I am certain that you will find all the necessary information in our library, and if you need any help, just contact the librarians – they are very friendly and helpful.


  3. Dear Akzharkyn,
    Glad to see your post and calm you down because each of us is struggling with literature review . It is not easy work to do,since we need to find only credible sources and select the most relevent literature to use in our research.This job takes too much time,energy and requires good knowledge of Literature review doing process. Finding sources is another huge problem. As for your request,I recommend you to use EBSCO,this is a brilliant international database providing countless numbers of reliable sources. If you are interested I can inform you how to log in and give password since I have an easy access to get resources from that database.

    Best regards,


  4. Akzharkyn,

    Thank you for your personal experience and your honest and natural way of writing. I am, however, a bit concerned that your writing style from posts 1-3 to now has not addressed the issue of comma splices and rambling sentence structure. Consider your first sentence:

    “Frankly speaking I would like to say that I am grateful to our instructor who gave great opportunity to share our ideas and they are transparent to everyone, this is great for those who hesitate about how to accomplish the task.”

    Until you address this issue, your writing won’t be clearly organized and presented, leading to your audience’s confusion and poor understanding of your ideas.

    Also, always include a citation for images you did not create yourself.



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