“Definition of the literary review:The process of reading, analyzing, evaluating, and summarizing scholarly materials about a specific topic.The results of a literature review may be compiled in a report or they may serve as part of a research article, thesis, or grant proposal.”, taken from the site:

Trying to answer the question where we are in our thesis writing, I have found out that I am at the first step. I have defined the theme of the thesis and have chosen some resources to begin thinking of what I exactly would like to research.I know what I want to discover, but the question is if the negative opinion is a possible issue for discussion.

Being at the starting point of creating process of my ‘masterpiece’, it is high time work out the schedule of writing and its plan. To think about it made me the idea of Laura Berisheva who has said in her blog, that  the main problem of all of us is the lack of time and I have to agree that if you are working and doing a lot of everyday routine, it is impossible to be fully engaged in the thesis writing process.

Well, what am I going to do next? I think it is better begin with the reading different resources I have,  in order to realize their value for my topic. I am not sure that I have  primary resources, because as it turned out there are different approaches to the theme of team teaching and it is discussed widely. Another my concern is whether I can find information or statistics connected with the team teaching of teachers of different nationalities and cultures, so far I have found only one article with impressions about working in Kazakhstan with local teachers, but it is the international teacher’s experience. As the conclusion to this idea – I have more hesitations than information…

Nevertheless,  I hope  that this year writing of literary review will be a little bit easier than the last year, when it was something incredibly difficult and mysterious. The main problem of the last year was to understand how to connect the information from different resources with own thoughts clearly. The other one was difficulty in finding a lot of statistics suitable for the research, because scientists are not interested in the reasons why students do not want to become professional teachers after having worked at school while studying.

This year I have changed the theme and hope to have enough data to develop theme of collaborative teaching.


  1. Nice job, Tatyana. I see some improvement in your attention to grammar details, and your post is well organized. The only recommendation I have is to practice consistent use of APA referencing. Your reference and link to original material are clear, but it may be helpful for you to develop the habit of turning all sources (text, printed, electronic, and online) into APA references.


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