Writing Literature review

Writing Literarture review is an essential part of any researh work a it provides the research with necessary background knowledge, discusses the similar or opposing conclusions of the authors. Moreover, Literature review helps to define a gap in the research which can be addressed in your own research work.

In order to start writing Literature review, you should find academic resources concerning your issue or research question. To date, there are thousands of resources and research works that can be downloaded or purchased online. Nonetheless, it is challenging to find the resources that will provide background information for your study and guide you in your writing. Tht is why it is essential to narrow your research questions and keep focused on specific issues that are relevant to the topic of your research. Therefore, Literature review should be aligned with the research questions at the same time providing different perspectives on the issue.

When you have defined a list of research works that will contribute to writing Literarture review, study each research work very carefully at the same time grouping the authors with similar or contrasting views. Such method will help to make your Literature review more precise and specific giving you an opportunity to analyze different viewpoints on the research topic.

Writing Literature review, especially for empirical studies, offers a historical pespective of the research in your field. There is an opportunity to discuss arguments and conclusions of scholars and researchers in different periods of time comparing or contrasting to the modern situation on the related issue. This approach helps you acknowledge all previously made research, discuss questions, summarize the works and suggest further research on the issue that you explore.

To conclude, Literature review is not a description of certain research works dedicated to the specific issue but a critical, insightful analysis of published work.


Regarding my Literature revew for mini-thesis, I have created a list of relevant resources about online learning and read all of them. Next, I have defined the main ideas and grouped the authors according to the main topics. Currently I am writing Literature review contrasting authors’ views on online learning.

4 thoughts on “Writing Literature review

  1. Dear Bakhyt, I liked your ideas and do exactle the same. The good side of it is that we get structured picture of everything which has been done by now and diferent prospects of different researchers. On the other hand, sometimes the real lit review is not reflecting objectively what has been done, but some ideas are transformed to author’s advantage.


  2. Hi Bakhyt,

    Many thanks for your valuable comments! I really like the way you are writing! It is always as clearly and cleanly as possible, the ideas are carefully structured and organized))) I think that such detailed guideline will be useful for those students who are seemed overwhelmed in the beginning of writing the literature section.
    I also try to find time to combine the reputable articles that I have already found about online learning along with my thesis.

    Wish you good luck in writing your thesis!


  3. Dear Bakhyt!
    I have found your strategy really helpful in writing literature review part. You described these strategies using very understandable language. It was easy to read your reflection as the whole text is well-organized.
    I hope that these strategies will be helpful and useful for students who struggle with this part of the paper.
    Best regards, Aizhan.


  4. You give good advice and a clear procedure for going about the process.

    Revise your title: Writing A Literature Review

    Your sentence: Writing Literarture review is an essential part of any researh work a it provides the research with necessary background knowledge, discusses the similar or opposing conclusions of the authors.

    Notice the typos and the run-on. Be sure to edit and proofread before posting.

    4 out of 5


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