Literature Review still in the process …

Today, is alomst the end of September and, as for me it is high time to start to organize what I have already found on my topic into some parts of my future literature review!

Thesis writing is not an easy thing to do. Even if you think that you have decided to study this or that problem, sometimes you find it difficult to find appropriate literature on the theme you have chosen. Such thing happened to me. Starting my way in researching Giftedness and some of its subtopics I faced the problem that there are not so many researches done on my focus of this problem. Having understood that I can’t find credible literature on my research focus I started just to read the literature connected with the topic Giftedness. After about the 10th article I had read I came to the problem that made me really passionate to search and research it. I understood that I, finally, found the topic I want to study.

At the moment I am thinking on some ideas how to organize my literature review part. And the conclusion I draw is that the more literature you have the more ideas appear. That is why I made some codes (or parts) how I’m going to study the resources I found. The table for the literature review (provided by my supervisor), which shows the most suitable way of organizing the main ideas on what you read is a really good tool in order not to forget and keep in mind the papers you already read and analyzed.

So, at the moment, I am researching the information and taking notes on main ideas provided in those resources. I also try to make some correlations between the article I read and the “codes” I created.

As for resources, I can say that the NU library databases are really great for finding different articles and even books to explore my new topic, and sometimes I use google scholar, which is also as helpful as NU databases.

However, I didn’t start writing the literature review as a chapter of thesis yet, as I consider that there are still not enough literature articles explored on the topic.




About dinarashaimakhanova

MSc School Leadership program interested in studying the topic of relationship between students' giftedness and consecutive teachers' professional development practice

7 thoughts on “Literature Review still in the process …

  1. Dinara,

    The topic of your thesis seems relevant for the country today when the government attempts to put effort and allocate resources to empower education for gifted children. What exactly are you planning to research within giftedness?
    In terms of challenges with the literature review you have mentioned, check databases our library has access to, you can find there an immense number of peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Also, if you failed to find any papers related to your topic, you may want to change key words to locate literature. Furthermore, there is always a gap either in topics or methods, so your research may fit well with studies that have been done before.


  2. Dear Dinara,

    I think, the table for Literature review is a good beginning for your writing as it keeps your ideas organized and focused.
    I would recommend you to search relevant resources using your research question. Once you have defined the research question, it is much easier to find credible and relevant resources. The issue of learner giftedness has been explored in many countries and in different periods of time so if you specify the research question, you are likely to find published works that will guide you in your writing.


  3. Dear Dinara, than you for your post.
    Concerning your problems with the lack of reputable sources that stucks starting literature review writing I can also advise you to consult EBSCO, Sage Journals, Taylor and Francis, ERIC databases. There you can find tones of solid materials for your study.
    And also do not forget that writing a literature review is one of the most complicated and time-consuming components of the thesis writing process. You must start early and leave yourself ample time for revision to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

    Wish you good luck and inspiration!!!

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  4. Dear Dinara

    It is a great challenge for all of us to start the thesis. It is a matter of time spent and the amount of effort that we are giving to the work. I feel really sorry for all of my groupmates, as they have to work full-time and write their thesis, personally I find it really difficult.
    You mentioned that the more you read the literature, the more ideas you find. I can say that this is one of the threats that we have. It is really important try to focus on a smallest but the most interesting topic that attracted you and try to build your thesis around that. I hope this is helpful.
    All the best!!!

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  5. Hi Dinara! The NU library is really helpful. There are mane databases available for us on the website. What databases in particular do you find more useful and why? Please, advise.

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  6. Dinara, a couple minor language comments:

    1) Spelling: “Alomst” – Run spell-check. If your wordpress settings are in Russian, consider changing them to English in your profile preferences.
    2) Sing. vs. pl: “researches” – Research is an uncountable collective noun.

    As for your search, I hope you find the materials you are looking for, although your literature is an overview of the research that IS out there, even if not directly related to Kazakhstan. Then your empirical study will fill that gap that you demonstrate between foreign research and local KZ research.

    Nice work!



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