It is an APA style!

My experience with APA style citation.

APA style referencing has become an inevitable part of written assignments in my Master`s program study. I remember my first assignment in English for professional purposes when we had to prepare short summaries for different types of sources and referencing them properly. For the end-of-text referencing formatting I spent as much effort and time as I spent for writing the summary itself. It took so much time because the whole world of APA style referencing was unfamiliar to me. There seemed to be so many rules: commas, brackets, italics… I used to open a tab in a website and filled each field accurately. For in-text referencing I used Online Writing Lab. It may seem strange but I used to start doing my assignments beginning from the very end, I mean, end-of-text referencing. (Previously I allocated less time for formatting the end-of-text referencing than was needed.) I used to list the literature that I was going to cite in my writing in my draft. After that used to cite each source according to the format. In the end I would place all the references in the alphabetical order (an opportunity to recall alphabet:)).

Assignment by assignment I was getting more and more comfortable in referencing, though I still have some difficulties with citing secondary sources. End-of-text referencing became easier when I discovered an automatic tool for creating such citations in Google Scholar.


APA style referencing became much “friendlier” for me after one year of practice. Thanks to automatized tools, the process of citing is not so difficult as it used to be. What I can suggest for the future students is to be confident that they will learn to cite approprietly in any case. There are two reasons to be confident: first, instructors will always guide you, give advice and valuable feedback. Second, the automatic tools that are freely available in the Web, will save a lot of time and effort.

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4 thoughts on “It is an APA style!

  1. Dear Talgat,
    Your post should be advised as a lifehack for the students who want to become familiar with APA writing. I did not know that google scholar had that awesome citation feature. Thanks, I’m putting that into my favourite tools. I may add here that some of the databases, such as tandfonline should have citations as well, but without an option of various formats.


  2. Dear Ruslan,
    I am glad that the post was useful to you.

    I can also suggest a tool in Google Scholar that can save your time
    collecting the literature: it is a “save” tool. (It saves articles in My Library folder)

    To use that tool you need to:
    1) sign in Google Scholar with your account
    2) go to My Library on the left
    3) activate “save” tool
    4) find an article and click “save” just under the description of the article.

    Whenever you enter Google Scholar you can find your saved article in My Library Folder.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I went through the same thing a long time ago. I can see your situation vividly. You have a natural way of expressing ideas that reflects a good command of academic English. It was good of you to share your helpful tips! Now I’m going to check out both and google scholar.

    I see good grammar, vocabulary and organization!

    5 out of 5


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