Don’t plagiarize! Improve your APA!

“Don’t plagiarize! Do not plagiarize even if there is only one day left, even if you haven’t started your assignment yet!..” It sounds ghastly, doesn’t it? However, this is what all of us have heard from the university professors’ and advisors’ lips. Although many of them say about the risk of plagiarism only some of them remind us of a tool or format or guidelines which can help us to avoid plagiarism in our academic works and give credit to the original source where we borrow the information from.

In this case APA style is essential and prerequisite. This unified format helps us not to put at risk of plagiarism our own writings when we combine personal thoughts with ideas or findings of others. By citing the sources we give credit to an author of the source and used data, as well as we distinctively point out if a research or work is based either on our own conclusions or it includes implications of a third party. So, instead of learning how to plagiarize effectively we need to learn how to cite and paraphrase appropriately.

My first experience with APA style was not easy. By contrast, it was very hard and I assume it is going be much harder to apply APA principles during my thesis writing. Hopefully, it will align with the uniform system and will have correct citing and referencing compared to my first practices.

I have to admit that a lot of support and contribution in improving our writing skills and writing styles was from our professors and advisors. Even though they challenged us and gave some weird tasks with further feedback, it helped. Gradually, step by step, we were getting ahead. Little by little, we were getting rid of common errors and mistakes in writing academically, in summarizing, in quoting as well. This can be a piece of advice for anybody – work in collaboration with your tutor, a person who is responsible for your final product. Don’t get lost, don’t ignore the feedback and if you struggle, ask for professional support, ask your professor even if it is the fifth or tenth time, look for solution. “And never, never plagiarize! Or you will fail out of the course!” That is why, we should improve the APA style.


One thought on “Don’t plagiarize! Improve your APA!

  1. Excellent post, Kairat. Take your own advice and “Don’t wait till the last minute” to post. It seems the later posts don’t get any feedback from peers.

    In my opinion, you do a nice job building up to a main explanation of the importance of APA referencing, followed by your personal experience using this system. Your writing is mostly free of errors and completely addressed the topic of the post.



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