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The first thing emerging in the head, while speaking or reading about the academic honesty, is APA style. I have heard about it at  NIS. The school received accreditation of Diploma Program IB and one of the strict requirements was this type of citation in everything, even for taking pictures from our favourite Internet. Students were taught how to use it in works, reports, projects and presentations.  I did not great attention to some specific things of it, but began to ask the students not to forget about APA.

My own experience of serious usage of  it began at Nazarbaev University and I thought it is not difficult, but I was not right.  I have problems with APA even now, because as it turned out APA style is different and to start using it we should take into account the type of its edition, because there is the difference between the sixth and the tenth editions (as a sample).  My problem is the more I try to use APA correctly,  the less it happens, so every time I have to write something, my headache is citation rules. In connection with it I always ask only one question: “To what extent is it necessary and why?”

I agree, it is very honest and important to inform others where you have taken good idea or justification, but there are various styles. What is the purpose to use only APA?  Having participating in on-line seminar about working with the searching systems for materials and journals for publications, I learn that almost all scientific journals use  such styles of citation, which are different from one another greatly. So, if we decide to send our article to the chosen journal, the most important thing will be to find out the style of reference. BE ATTENTIVE!

7 thoughts on “APA Style…

  1. Dear Tatyana,
    Thank you for the very interesting post about our lovely APA style. I agree that there is some difference between sixth and tenth edition of APA but I am not sure that it is valuable difference. I can say that you are not alone in terms of struggling of apply APA style. There is an opinion that even some very experienced professors have some negative point considering abovementioned editions. Basically, I think that APA style needs to prevent firstly Plagiarism and then formatting and citing different sources; otherwise it will bring very similar researches with no sense for the society. Thank you!

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  2. Dear Tatyana,

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on APA style with us. Regarding your question on why we do need this method of citing, I think, first of all, by employing it you demonstrate and distinguish your ideas and views form others which assists you to avoid being charged with plagiarism, and secondly, I guess, it is the most essential one, you protect your academic currency, i.e. ideas from being stolen in future.


  3. Dear Tatyana,
    I agree with you that APA style is not quite easy to follow its rules and I had the same situation when I was trying to adjust my paper to APA formatting: Is it necessary? Why cannot I leave my version? But when I really saw the articles of different researchers, I understood the importance of APA and how academic papers and works with this kind of standardization differ from simple non-academic level.


  4. Great ideas, Tatyana. Your personal and original voice comes through your writing, making it a pleasure to read. As always, be careful to proofread. Can you find the mistakes in these examples of yours?

    1) “I did not great attention…”
    2) “I have problems with APA even now, because as it turned out APA style is different and to start using it we should take into account the type of its edition, because there is the difference between the sixth and the tenth editions (as a sample).”
    3) “Having participating in on-line seminar…”

    Overall, you do a nice job to share experience, as well as to raise important questions. Nice work.



      1. Thanks for playing this little correction game! 1 and 3 are correct, but sentence 2 is not a verb error, but is a rambling sentence. See how you use “because” twice in one sentence. I would break this complex series of clauses into two separate sentences.

        “I have problems with APA even now, because its requirements can be different depending on the type of its edition. For example, there is the difference between the citation styles in the sixth and the tenth editions.” I’d actually use the example of the 5th and the 6th editions, as the 6th is the newest one.

        This site is actually a good explanation of those changes: http://www.apastyle.org/manual/whats-new.aspx

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