My story of dating with APA

The APA style is common way to organize your research for international community to accept your ideas. You will be recognized, heard and seen provided that you apply APA style.
The are two approaches to citing: soviet and international. There are still many researchers, who took after soviet style of citing, which is mostly look like reference list in the end of the article. The problem of this style is that it is difficult to indicate somebody’s ideas, difficult to recognize what is whose. The international styles, which is perfectly exampled by APA style, show in all details who, what exactly, where etc. done the research. It is impossible to plagiarize and apply somebody’s intellectual property without giving him respect and proper citation. Moreover, soviet style research is worthy with its novelty and originality and may contain few references, whereas international styles, including APA style, must be credible and be based on other research, and the more you cite structurally, the better.
One more important thing to be underlined is that international research is usually very narrow targeted and must contain abstract, introduction, objectives, methods, literature review, main results, conclusions and suggestions for further research. When I was completing PhD program in management, I took the topic which is now less than “Strategy of business education development in Kazakhstan”, which is too big to be solved by one researcher. As a result, that was incomplete and illogical research, full of improper citing.
So, taking into consideration that I already had some experience in publishing research, my teachers at NU had more problems with me, than with other students, who sometimes started from the scratch. Soviet style research tolerate some plagiarism, and those young researchers like me got stuck between, trying to cite, but improperly. In APA style it is very important to paraphrase the authors’ ideas if you do not apply quotation marks.
So, Kazakhstani researchers are on the right track now, but it will take time for everyone to get used to APA rules.

2 thoughts on “My story of dating with APA

  1. Dear Oxana,

    It was interesting to read your reflection on using APA formatting. I am not so familiar with the Soviet style of citing but to some degree I agree with you that wide spread of plagiarism today is the legacy from our Soviet past.
    From my personal experience, I can add that there is a need to learn students at school about academc honesty and the styles of APA citing as my students often use internet resources not giving credit to their authors. They are not aware that plagiarism is a serious issue in the academic life, that is why we, as teachers, should teach students about proper citations and reference for their successful study at University.


  2. This is a great beginning to a larger discussion on issues of reforming and internationalizing educational research. You are exactly right in acknowledging the strengths and weakness of both styles, and recognizing that experienced researchers like yourself will have a much harder time adjusting to a different system.

    Some practice with articles:

    APA is ___ common way
    looks like ___ reference list
    completing ___ PhD program
    started from ___ scratch

    Only some other minor grammar issues. All other writing mechanics, organization and structure look great!



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