My thoughts about citing and formatting

The meaning of the word “citation” is a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in scholarly work.  ( Literally, citing means to rely on different resources and use ideas, images, theories, words etc. from those resources. The idea of citing is to avoid plagiarism and promote the research work.   Citing a source is a strength of writing and it supports information, which is provided in the work. Moreover, it brings evidence to your work and shows that proper research has been done towards the written work. Citing has different formats like APA, ACS, MLA, MHRA etc. However, it has common elements like author, article title, resource title, volume, date of publication and pages. The common rules of citing and formatting gives to the whole community clear understanding of using somebody’s ideas, theories and images.  For example, looking at the reference you can easily define the type of resource it could be either book or article. The difficulties of citing is to follow the particular style of formatting.



3 thoughts on “My thoughts about citing and formatting

  1. Gulnara,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the question on citing.
    I do agree with you that proper citing is not only preventing us from plagiarism, but also promoting the works of those researchers whom we are citing.
    Thanks for the idea of easily identifying the type of source that is in the reference list, before I haven’t even thought about this matter, and didn’t pay any attention on the way the references are presented in order to identify the type of source.
    That is a really great idea, which I’m going to take into consideration for my future research!

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  2. Goolii,

    Your post is a concise definition of the idea “citation”, but does not quite answer the prompt: Share your experience using APA.

    One continuing issue is the appropriate use of quotation marks. When you give a definition from, you do well to include a reference, but you don’t put in quotation marks the word-for-word definition: “a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in scholarly work.” This will continue to be a problem unless you pay particularly close attention to it.



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