Citation machines that make our life easier………

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Good morning dear my colleagues.  This is the right theme that I wanted to discuss or get more information passionately as you can realize this is the most important issue for anyone who studies at university.   Citation, paraphrasing, formatting writing a reference is a big deal for me personally. I first had an experience with APA citation style when I entered Nazarbayev University in August 2014. I didn’t have any idea about anything how to cite or even what is it.(I felt myself like a fish leaf out on the sandy beach) For me it was just letters, dates, commas, dots and commas again. I noticed that some of my group mates have a good command of using APA citation. I thought that it is not so important however when I was warned about plagiarism and the using of right citation format I decided to look through the internet myself and learn the things that I didn’t know about this method.  Every student who wants to make a research or write any report using somebody’s article, book, or phrases should realize that he needs to cite and tell or show where the information comes from; the source is shown in the reference list as a rule. There are some citation styles like APA, MLA etc. every educational institution demand to use one of this styles.

There is also a rule of formatting of citation, even a bracket, a comma or inverted commas are valuable as you may be asked to re-do your work of citation. During my long journey along with the rules of citation I have found many useful web sites, videos, and citation machines. The first one that I recommend is  , this web site is great as the language that they explain how to use is easy to understand. I also watched some official videos on and the best citation machine  where you just enter the necessary information that you have and it will help you to cite properly :  and

I can honestly say that I am not so perfect and professional in using APA style, exactly I have a problem with in-text-citation before every reference writing I always look back to do it correctly. I hope that my post and some web sites that I advised would be helpful. Thank you for attention and  the time you spend on reading and commenting my blog.

Reference lists

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10 thoughts on “Citation machines that make our life easier………

  1. Dear Akzharkyn, thank your for your amazing post. I would say speech or letter to the audience! You shared your thoughts, concerns and provided reputable sources. Thank you for care))

    While reading your post I found myself. I experienced the same difficulties as you reflected, when every comma, footnote and bracket has a great importance))

    Also, as you mentioned I applied citation machine and it saved my life hundred times))

    Moreover, I also find Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab very helpful and fundamental for those who are unfamiliar and not aware about APA style and for proficient researchers just to re-check themselves once more.

    Finally, I would like to recommend you to consult the Writing Center of the University of Wisconsin by the link below

    Hope it will help you!


    1. Dear Aigerim, thank you for your comments. I think everyone who met a word “CITATION” the right, appropriate citation can understan how difficult it is to manage all those punctuations and correct letters. However, after using citation many times you start to get more skill and experience in using it. Hopefully, all my colleagues will be able to cope with all APA citation and they will write their diploma sucessfully


  2. Dear Akzharkyn, I like your view that citation mashime made our life easier. I can even compare it with the greatest breakthrough: washing mashine. The amasing situation when you sit and relax, but washing mashine wash, the same with citation mashing: fill in and ready! even th e google scholar provide the spesial function of ready fornated citation!


    1. that was philosofical view to the problem of citation, machines and everything else. it is great pleasure that you gave feedback to my blog. I liked the sentence that you write about the idea when you compared citation machine to the washing machine.


  3. Dear Akzharkyn,

    thank you for your wonderful post. I would recommend students who do not know anything about APA to read it as you provide very helpful links.
    As for me, I also find all those footnotes, commas difficult to remember. And when it comes to making a reference list, it is almost a nightmare. Thanks God we have a citation machine that really makes our life easier.
    Recently I found out that Word also has an option APA style and we can use it to make an in-text citation and to fill in the reference list at the end.

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    1. Dear Meiramgul, first I am interested in the function of word with APA style that you told me, I need you to show it for me. I do not have any hesitation about your teeaching methods, and I am sure that you can easily teach your students how to use APA style correctly so that they will not have any problem that we meet during the first term. Thank you for your comments.


  4. Dear Akzharkyn,
    I felt the same when I was writing my first papers. I think that your experience and of others, reflect the citation issues that goes beyond the walls of the NU. These issues shall be raised among the educators across the country. Also, I think that resources you kindly provided might be helpful to those who are novice to APA writing, as well as those who want to refresh their citation skills. To sum up, writing according to APA needs some time and effort to master.


    1. Dear Ruslan, I realized one important thing which makes me realiefe, it is the fact tha I am not alone who meet problems with citation and everything with it. I completetely agree that working with APA demands more time and more practice. Unfortunately I didn’t have any experience with this style of referencing before, i think we need to organize special webinars or seminars how to avoid plagiarism in future.


  5. A very detailed post, Akzharkyn. You do a nice job organizing the overall flow of your post, but I want emphasize a continuing issue with your sentence-level organization. Take a look at these two sentences:

    “This is the right theme that I wanted to discuss or get more information passionately as you can realize this is the most important issue for anyone who studies at university.”


    “I can honestly say that I am not so perfect and professional in using APA style, exactly I have a problem with in-text-citation before every reference writing I always look back to do it correctly.”

    The first is a run-on sentence, the second is a comma splice. Both have the same problem of two complete sentences (independent clauses) poorly connected. Try separating them with a period, semi-colon, or a more clear connecting phrase.



    1. Dear Philip, I do really have problems with comma splices, so I decided to find some useful websites to solve my poblem. I also need to proofread my writing.


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