Quality of Education

The choice of topic for thesis research was a tough decision to be made. I had to put a lot of effort to consolidate my ideas in one. I had many great ideas for the research, but I intended to make my research useful for the sample and to the whole educational system in Kazakhstan.

My intention brought me face to face with bureaucracy, one of the biggest problems hindering development of education in Kazakhstan. From my own and my colleagues experience I state that the teachers performance is evaluated only according to what is indicated on paper. Even though if you do not perform some activities but show them on paper, you are considered as achieving. I want to concentrate on the issue to bring insight into the current situation in educational system.

A lot of attention is paid to quantitative indicators of evaluating school performance, like test scores, university admission etc. The employment of current approach can be explained by simplicity of it. However, I want research qualitative indicators of evaluating school performance. I want to find out other indicators of success and school performance.

I decided to organize my research at Karaganda Kazakh -Turkish High School due to various reasons. First, it is a successive school on local and state level with World Science Olympiad gold medals. The school provides a good ground to investigate success. Second, I have free access to people and data at school, as I am currently working there and have support from administration of the school.

I am considering developing a qualitative study to bring insight into the issue in Kazakhstani context. My main sample will be administrative staff and teachers at school. I will probably interview people in order to collect data. However I am not sure about the methodology completely. Unfortunately, I could not do sufficient literature review to have better understanding about this section.

I am open to any suggestion regarding this study and hope to receive meaningful feedback from my colleagues.

Reflecting on my first year of studies…

I honestly can state that last year helped me to develop and enlarge my understanding of education. However, I would not point out single course or reading material as the most helpful, because each piece helped to develop different aspect of educational system.

The biggest challenge that I faced last year was writing. Personally, I hate writing at all, but I had to do more writing than I have ever done. Additionally, this year it is going to be harder, as I will have to manage my time very cleverly. This year I returned back to teaching at school, so even within last week I understood that working at a private company and doing a master’s degree is completely different from doing the same at school.

2 thoughts on “Quality of Education

  1. Dear Ruslanbek,

    I am happy to read your post, which is well-organized, clear and personalized. You addressed the questions of the first assignment thoroughly. You have an interesting topic. I wish I could help you with the qualitative and quantitative methodology of your research, but I am an academic English person. I can help mainly with clarity, organization, sentence structure, and that sort of thing. So see one of your other professors for help with methodology. I’m sorry.

    This is a blog, but it is an academic writing blog. A post here should be personal but still formal. You have a one-sentence “paraphraph” and after that, part of a sentence. That is ok on a difference sort of informal blog, but for this one, try to write paragraphs that conform to the conventions of an academic paragraph—with a topic sentence and supporting sentences.

    By the way, you are not alone in hating to write. It is a common complaint. But it’s like learning to play the piano: With practice you WILL get better.

    5 out of 5

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  2. The quality of education is pertinent issue. Your reserch seems very crucial. But could you tell me
    What will be your contribution? Who benefits and why?


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