My thesis choice.

At first, I intended to study students’ self-esteem and its impact on school achievement. When I started investigating the area more deep I came to the thought that this idea has been closely linked with students’ Psychology.

During the first year of studying I think I had a struggle with myself in terms of academic and personal affairs. I had a slight understanding of what a research is. Time passed, I did some research due to my topic and I defined that this issue is not of my plate. However, this area is not new for me but still I consider lack of experience might influence negatively on the quality of the research work.  By this reason I have decided to change the thesis topic.

Of all sessions “Educational leadership” and “Educational Policy Analysis” impact on me sufficiently in terms of defining a new research area.  Personally, I clarified for myself the notion of what Leadership is. . The most remarkable points that I like in Reihl’s work that he defines three most important implications of the definition “Leadership”.  First, Leaders do not merely impose goals on followers, but work with others to create a shared sense of purpose and direction (Reihl, 2003). The distinct ability of an education leader to lead a team to a definite goal might occur not only in the administrative circle but also in relation of a teacher with parents. The issue about a teacher and a parent’s collaboration is hot at current time and that’s why it is widely discussed through different angles. At sessions of Education Policy Analysis we studied the policy instruments that might be implemented to analyze alike cases. During one of hot discussions I came to the idea to explore and understand parents’ perception about their role in children’s academic development.  Thus my thesis topic sounds “Parents’ perception about their role in academic development of their children”.

At current time I’m in the process of seeking relevant literature to make a piece of remarkable contribution to the system of Education in Kazakhstan.


Reihl,L.(2003).What We Know about Successful School Leadership. National College for School Leaders.


2 thoughts on “My thesis choice.

  1. Dear Mira,

    Welcome to NUWG!

    You’ve written a thoughtful post of the right length. You’ve also followed the directions, which called for a personal explanation of your thesis topic and why you chose it. I enjoyed reading about the evolution of your interests.

    There’s one thing that concerns me, though. I noticed that your Reihl citation is word-for-word from the original, but there are no quotation marks. This constitutes plagiarism, and this will get you into major trouble. This is a good quote from Reihl. You might not want to paraphrase it because/she makes the point about leaders very well. So if you want to quote him, be sure to put quotations marks around the sentence(s). Keep in mind that whether you quote, paraphrase, or summarize, use an in-text citation and reference it at the end of your paper.

    By the way, use spell-check. “Reference” is spelled incorrectly. And it looks like you have an incomplete reference at the end, and the reference is not in the correct APA format.

    Good luck in your future writing and posts.

    2 out of 5.


  2. Mira,
    I read your insightful comment to Nurlybek’s post on thesis choice. Your Assignment Details on page 2 of the Syllabus say to comment on two posts. Can you comment on one more?


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