ICT in Mathematics Education

One of the priorities in the Development of Education Program for 2011-2020 in Republic of Kazakhstan is integrating Informational-Communicational Technologies (ICT) in teaching and learning (MESRK, 2011). The Program highlights the importance of this particular reform for Informatization of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A huge amount of funding is allocated for the integration of ICT in education. However, little attention is paid in the role of ICT in education and the difficulties that teachers face when using ICT in teaching. In order to make my study more specific, I am going to focus on ICT use in Mathematics. In my thesis, I will investigate the problems of integrating ICT in education.

The most helpful course for me was the Research methods course. Our instructors taught us how to conduct research. I liked the structure of the course. Along with theoretical knowledge, they provided us with practical skills like interviewing, analyzing and interpreting the data. We had a chance to conduct a small-scale research in the NU site. We collectively designed a questionnaire and interviewed a number of NU foundation students. After that, we coded the data and analyzed it in SPSS software. Thanks to that kind of practice, the whole procedure became less frightening as it used to be prior to the course.

The most common challenge for all of us was, I guess, managing the time out of campus. I myself had never studied during the work. There seemed to be a lot of work to do in the limited amount of time. Before entering the Master’s program, I assumed that I would be able to allocate an hour or two every day in order to complete my assignments in time. However, in the reality I was so exhausted after the workday that I wasn`t even able to look at the computer screen. The only day out of work is Sunday, which is the only time that I could spend with my family. In one day, I wanted to do both: to complete the assignments and spend some time with my daughter and wife. After a couple of attempts, I realized that it was impossible. Sooner we came to an agreement that I would spend the whole Sunday with the assignments.

This year will definitely be different from the last year from a number of perspectives. I think that I will not struggle with the assignments this year, because I gained a habit to complete them beforehand (at least 4-5 hours aheadJ). This year may be easier for us because we are on the finishing straight line that gives us an additional motivation. Just imagine that in 10 months we hopefully will get the master`s degree! In addition, we mostly are going to investigate a topic that is very interesting for us. That will give us an extra joy for our study.


Ministry of Education and Science. (2011). State Program for Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 – 2020 years”  Retrieved 15 August, 2015 from http://www.kaznpu.kz/en/1347/page/

3 thoughts on “ICT in Mathematics Education

  1. Dear Talgat,

    I welcome you to NUWG. You fulfilled the assignment exactly, by telling us all about how you arrived at your topic, why you chose it and its challenges, and you even answered the optional questions. There’s a reference too. There is a clear writing style, good grammar and sentence structure, and well-organized paragraphs.

    I hope you won’t be working on Sunday forever!

    5 out of 5

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, Talgat,
    I saw that you made 6 really good comments on your classmates’ posts on the blog. It looks like you are having a good time. It’s good for all of us that you are being so active. This is sort of how blogging can contribute to “class discussion” if you all cannot be in an actual physical classroom. This works only if all the participants really participate and put in the time and effort.


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