Different understanding of shared leadership among staff groups at NIS Pavlodar

Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Pavlodar has opened its doors two years ago. It is part of a large network of schools tasked with the approbation of the latest ideas in the field of education. The very idea of NIS entails that a lot of projects will be run within the school, and it goes without saying that without strong leaders, successful completion of these projects will be very unlikely. The school will need to form and nurture a culture of leadership that is distributed among different employees, from the principal to non-teaching staff. However, a recent survey conducted by a department head shows that there is a difference in the perception of shared leadership by different staff groups. The formation of a strong distributed leadership culture is impossible without an agreement on what the term means in school context,  My study aims to find out exactly the differences in understanding of shared leadership by different groups of employees, to determine its causes and provide some possible solutions drawing on international literature on the implementation of shared leadership in schools.

As a middle manager struggling to organize the activity of nearly a dozen projects run by different staff members, I am heavily invested in the outcomes of this study. I have come to believe that the most contrasting opinions on this subject are those between teachers and the administrative staff. I feel that this problem is not peculiar to my school alone, and it affects the performance of other NIS schools as well, and hopefully, my research will be an interesting read to the decision makers on the school and network level.

Perhaps the biggest limitation of my study is the fact that I do not have a lot of experience in research. However, what I lack in knowledge and skill, I am willing to compensate with passion and dedication.


One thought on “Different understanding of shared leadership among staff groups at NIS Pavlodar

  1. Dostan, this is an excellent post overall. You have a natural, sophisticated way of expressing ideas that reflects a high command of Academic English. Your personal expression of emotion and experience also helps the reader to see your situation vividly.

    One way to strengthen your writing is to use references and citations for ideas that are new to you from your first year of NUGSE studies. Concepts like “distributed leadership” and “school culture” could be strengthened by supporting them with explanations and commentary each time you use them.

    One grammar point: “NIS Pavlodar has opened its doors two years ago.” Use past simple when talking about a specific time in the past.



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