Empowering women


During the first fall session of English for Professional Purposes course instructors challenged us by giving unusual assignment. The purpose of this assignment was to familiarize us with various resource materials and learn how to cite them correctly. The sources were: books, magazines, websites, journals and film. At that time I have seen just few films about education, including the plot of the drama film “Mona Lisa Smile”. The main character Katherine (teacher at Wellesley College) was advocating that women should actively seek opportunities to be not just good wives and mothers, but also add to this balance career.

Investigating the other academic sources I discovered variety of materials, however professional characteristics of the leaders are widely and commonly known, since the analytics entirely covered many characteristics of people in charge. However the personal qualities of the female leaders in school environment are still needed to be investigated.

Korcheck (2002) observed that “women can creatively manage and manipulate available resources, transferring their energies to laterally extend their influence into other areas” (p.25). I agree with the author that female leaders have their own outstanding and unique characteristics, which could be applied effectively in the school environment.

According to the research conducted by White and Smith (2012), the professional characteristics of women in leadership positions range from higher in the cluster of trust, with the cluster organization as the second highest rated, the third cluster was drive, the fourth cluster was interpersonal, and the fifth and lowest rated leadership attributes cluster was tolerance. I agree with the authors, that the potential leaders needed to be recognized according to the characteristics, so they could be trained on time and be promoted accordingly.

From the working experience I realized the importance of role models or mentors. As the new teacher I am seeking for right decision making techniques from different sources. It could be my colleagues, books, the internet. As Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, said that women need “the so-called idols and those that are writ large across the night sky, and then we can have the accessible ones. They can teach us how to do things and instill a belief that we too can achieve great things” (Prevett, 2014).

Therefore the purpose of my thesis is to reveal from the interviews of women leaders unexplored data about various aspects of their work lives in Kazakhstani schools with diverse culture environment. Their personal reflections will contain professional virtue that will promote and facilitate women leadership.

The experience of the first year gave opportunity to discover different edges of educational system all other the world. We were lucky to be educated by diverse representatives of academic field at NUGSE and I am looking forward to continue this year of study.

Reference list:

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2 thoughts on “Empowering women

  1. Dear Zhanna

    As your colleague I am really happy for you to choose this topic and I know that the issue of women, being the part of professional life of the country is the topic that you have dreamt of. I also think that we do need to consider and research various aspects that affect women’s carrier, however it is also a vast area to work on. Thus I would like you to focus on specific points like what are the characteristics of a female mentor at school etc. As a person on an administration position I can fairly say that even a small change in a professional hierarchy can either positively or negatively affect women’s personality, their professional and personal lives. If you have any further comments or questions on this point I am more that happy to discuss. All the best!


  2. Zhanna, let me agree with Laura in saying that this is an important topic. Your writing is careful and clear, with only minor grammar mistakes (mostly article usage, the/a/an). Your perfect use of APA referencing is particularly impressive.

    Paragraphing and organization is one area where you could focus next time. Try to build smaller ideas into a coherent paragraph. This blog post, while it reflects general trends in online writing with multiple short paragraphs, has the feeling of being choppy. Your reader doesn’t have time to catch a flow or rhythm of your writing unless you build a solid paragraph with multiple supporting ideas around a main one. Some examples and practice: http://www.uefap.com/writing/exercise/parag/paragex8.htm



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