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This post may seem like advertising but I still think it is something that is worth sharing with.

This is definitely another new wave of innovation coming to our country. One of the first problems that beginning young businessmen can face is probably rent of office, of course, besides start-up money, personnel and business planning. The problem is not that we have a shortage of office space. The market offers a pretty good assortment to satisfy the needs of even a very demandable client. The thing is price and location. To meet these demands the concept of co-working has come to change our traditional understanding of the nature of work place.

img-4-11-700x329                                Coworking in Astana

 What is this innovation about? Co-working is a large open space that contains many smaller offices. Comparing with traditional office centers, co-working has many advantages. First, in terms of finance. It is much more affordable even for those who has a small capital. Usually, companies that offer the service provide their clients with internet access, conference rooms, spaces with furniture to take a nap during a work day and many other facilities. What is surprising is that all of these are included into a monthly payment. Second, in terms of location. Since the co-working centers occupy thousands of square meters, many people find it beneficial to make connections, find partners not going out of the building. Your office is going to be located among many other companies with minimum of physical barriers such as walls. Traditional concrete walls are replaced by maximum of glass walls. Finally, access to the office. The access is 24/7. Sounds like “work when you want to”.


Recently I found out that such place was opened in Astana. According to official site this is the second largest co-working in the world. I hope that such places will help beginning businessmen, especially young people, to have a good start in their own business and breakthrough ideas will be born to serve our country’s development.

Astana coworking:

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