My role model – Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, “die Eisen-Frau” translated as Iron-woman, recognized as the most powerful woman of not only Germany but the entire Europe. She is characterized as arid like Sahara – emotionless, and cold machine – rational and rigorous in making decisions. However, these very features brought her to successful leading position.скачанные файлы

Angela Merkel was a very ambitious girl in her youth; she yearned to succeed academically and professionally. Her parents were the ones who encouraged her to choose career in politics, although her interest lay in science.

Having her doctorate in quantum chemistry, she never flinched to try her luck in politics. Like majority of successful and outstanding businessmen or leaders, Merkel made her path from lowest position: unpacking the boxes in the office of Democratic Union’s Party to the highest: leader of Christian Democratic Union. Later become a chancellor, which was not even impeded by any struggles because of her strong politic disposition and ruthless attitudes in a political realm. Now she is a part of Germany’s history for her unforgettable deeds, and economic raise in a cruel world (Macias, 2015).

I hope you agree with me to the point that Merkel is the most astonishing woman leader for all epoch who reached this title by herself solely. She was never brought by successful man’s hand to a higher seat in Chancellery residence, like Michelle Obama – First Lady – entered the White house in virtue of powerful man. The whole nation accepted Merkel as a leader, who will serve to the needs of the citizens and will not pursue her own interest like Hilary Clinton, who was driven by political ambitions.  She is not shining example who enchants audience with perfect speech like Margaret Thatcher, but she rather is behind the stage, gaining patience, making hard political decisions and propagandizing “solidarity” (Kenny, 2015).


Though, she behaves as a man in a male-domineered sphere, and acts like a woman in her family. She chooses conservative approach and calls everybody to consensus. Her leadership style sets substantial example to me, despite her stereotypes “acting like a man” in order to succeed. I know many people at GSE, especially women professors like Aliya Kuzhabekova and Aida Sagintayeva repeated many times to “choose family not career or family first, career next”. There is always a sacrifice we have to make, and we all know that. Either we refuse from family and chase career, or we choose family and sacrifice with our ability and chance to become a Leader of all time. How do you think, is there any possibility to build a balance between career and family and still remain successful woman leader, not becoming husband’s shadow, or bad mother/wife? Or is my theory true, in order to be successful we need to give up on one thing, and you can be either great wife/mother or great leader?


Macias, A. (2015, February 18). Angela Merkel’s incredible rise from quantum chemist to the world’s most powerful woman [Web log post]. Retrieved from

Kenny, M. (2015, January 6). What really makes Angela Merkel a fascinating role model for women [Web blog post]. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “My role model – Angela Merkel

  1. As for an almost-pure-female cohort, it is very interesting to get acquainted with such outstanding woman leader. Thank you for this post. Although I am not familiar with her biography, she always appears to be a calm and confident lady. I can barely imagine how hard it is to be the first and the only woman in the position of chancellor. Such responsibility puts so much pressure. However, I still believe that being in such positions requires some sacrifice. From what I found in the internet, it appears that she does not have children. Who knows what her family life would be like if she was not a chancellor? So, in such cases with high positions, I agree with you- unfortunately, you have to choose only one option, but not both.

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  2. Balancing is a talent. It is not easy to make it 50/50 and sometimes it will be 20/80, however, I believe that there is a possibility to balance between your family life and your career. Women from their nature are multitasking; I see that every day from the women in my own family. But the big issue is in the support from your family and particularly from your husband. My aunt is an excellent example of a person who balances her family life with 4 daughters (!) and her career life, being a head of a department in one big national company. And it would not happen if my uncle would not support her. To sum up, if you want to choose both family and career, you have to find a person who will share your views and will always support you.


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