The Problem of Guns

School is supposed to be the safest place for children. It is the place for education, upbringing of young generation and for students’ development. Children are the most innocent human beings. It is very to sad to realize that the school can become the danger place for children. When children take guns and kill their classmates and teachers in the safest of places. Gun violence among is a new phenomenon of the 21st century. The following outline, general characteristics of young shooters and origin of gun violence in schools will be discussed.

One of the most popular motives for shooting in school is to take revenge. Many of these young shooters are victims of every day bullying. They suffer from inaction and indifference of classmates, teaching staff and school administration to bullying and humiliation that they experience. Future school shooters are not popular at schools nor do they perform very well. Loneliness is their internal friend or other victims of bullying might become their friends. Every day at school is a challenge and torture for them. They are a targets for humiliating jokes and gossip from their peers and even from their teachers. The jokes as not innocent as we are accustomed to think. This gossip and jokes hurt and humiliate human dignity of victims. These future offenders are usually humiliated for many years. As a result, their rage may snap suddenly. Some of them just commit suicide in order to stop all this torture. Other students may decide to solve their problems by shooting others. In most cases, they do not see any other possible way to tackle their problems. Unfortunately, a teaching staff and school administration seemed to ignore most of bullying cases. They may think that bullying and humiliating are childishness. Many parents only attach importance to bullying and humiliation if their children come home beaten, sad and depressed. They may think that they are just signs of adolescence.

One of the most fearful stories of teenager terrorism happened in Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado state in 1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 school students and a teacher in their school. They were also victims of bullying and humiliation. After that they committed suicide. Most school shooters prefer to die with their victims rather than to be arrested.

There are other motives for this kind of crime. There are a number of reasons such as infighting among local gangs, rejected love or unhappy love, revenge againts teaching staff or school administration. For instance, Jaylen Fryberg shot 4 students and himself. One of the victims had love affair with his ex-girlfriend. Before committing homicide he texted a message to his ex-girlfriend.

According to News21, approximately 28000 school children and teenagers were shot from 2003 to 2014.The number demonstrates that the violence among teenagers is huge issue. It is still a subject of much debates. Another factor in children killing is the easy access to firearms. Most of American families have guns in their houses. It is very easy to buy guns in America. Hence, most children have access to guns.

A lot of measures are being taken to prevent shooting in schools. Teachers and school administration are being taught to tackle such problems. However, it is an illness of all society. Parents in cooperation with school teachers and administration should work on this problem. All of them should be attentive to children and their problems.

1 thought on “The Problem of Guns

  1. Thanks for this post. It isn’t talked about much in Kazakhstan, as gun ownership is quite low (under 2% according to I found it hard to believe that “Most of American families have guns in their houses.” as you claim. While it is true that America is the #1 gun-owning country, most of the sites I checked have the percentage of families with a gun to be 35% ( Be sure to check facts and give links or citations for all your information from other sources.


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