Professional Identity

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“Professional Identity” what is it? What we are going to study about on this course?  These were the questions that I asked myself at the beginning of this semester. Now  I realize  that it is very useful course, because this course helps us to understand the nature of teacher profession. Working as a teacher, I have never thought about it so deeply. When our teacher asked the question “Why do you became a teacher?” It was difficult to find the answer to this question in advance.  (Actually, I was sure that I am not going to be a teacher. As I was interested in English, so I choose the profession of an interpreter Though I did not obtain the state grant, I do not regret for becoming  a teacher).

The course Professional Identity gives us opportunity to think about problems that teachers face in their professional life.  After reading the materials, and discussion in the class we find out a lot of obstacles and reasons what made teacher profession is so difficult in the past. And a lot of them are  actual  nowadays.  The most difficult period is beginning ; it is very important to have support on this stage. Why so many young talented teachers just give up, after studying for four years in undergraduate degree? Is it the fault of pre-service institutions? Or we need to blame schools that do not provide necessary support to teachers? Why so many “accident people” are in schools? What education  will children get if their teachers are not interested in their achievements? So many questions raised in my mind. Unfortunately,  we can not to solve all of them, but perhaps,  who knows maybe  we will start from yourself.

Sessions of the course are  held in  the interesting way. Everyone is given a chance to lead one of the sessions, and to show their own vision of the problem. At the beginning of the lesson our teacher at gives the tone, so we have  a friendly atmosphere during our class. Everyone is  relaxed – everyone is  welcome to share own opinion.

I am looking forward to the next session.


Were you intended to become a teacher or it was your accidental decision? What is your story of becoming a teacher?

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One thought on “Professional Identity

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience from the course “Professional Identity”. Now, I envy you even more and regret that I did not take this course. As for me, I can say that I intentionally entered a pre-service teacher education even though my class teacher at school was trying to discourage me in choosing this profession. In fact, that was my dream from the childhood, because my grandmother was a teacher and she was a real role model for me. However, when I entered a pedagogical institute, even our faculty told us that just 10 % of our group would eventually become teachers. At times, my motivation to become a teacher could rise significantly or drop roughly. I enjoyed conducting lessons and collaborating with students, but we had a lot of restrictions in using our methods of teaching and creativity was not really welcomed at schools. This profession, which seems to me so incredible and exciting, became unattractive at all. I think that I just took my pink glasses off and found myself in a very boring, hard and monotonous world of the teaching profession. Thus, after graduating from my institute, I knew exactly that I was not going to work at an ordinary state school. Instead of this, I went to a private school as an English tutor where I was not constrained of using any material to teach. So, this is my story of becoming a teacher.


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