Looking inside your Universe..

The myth, beginning from “What is your star sign?”, inevitably divides all the people into twelve categories. However, you might notice how wide a difference can be in appearance and actions of two Arieses or any other people with the same signs. Why? You may say: “Ha-ha! Probably, astrology is pseudoscience, invented by our crazy forefathers while their wives were cooking dinner”. Never agreeing to it, I want to reveal a big secret, saying just several words: The Sun is not the only Planet (of course, Luminary) which can characterize you.solnechnaya_sistema

When you are born and take your first breath, at least ten Planets in the space stand in an inimitable unique picture, mirroring your essence. This picture is your natal chart, which can tell a lot about common rhythm of your life, proclivities, weaknesses and abilities. However, it does not determine the spiritual level of you as a person, exact time of one event or another and, the most important, the choice which you will make (Bukovets, 2005).

When you say: “I am a Scorpio”, you mean that the Sun was in this sign when you were born. This fact is crucial, but what about other Planets and figures of horoscope? All ten Planets, including the Sun, are placed in twelve domes and signs, having hard and easy aspects (connections) with each other. Every dome in its turn shows a sphere of your life, with probable advantages and challenges, with various types of energy, filling your “I am”. Because the natal chart constantly spins, changing places of domes, the exact time and place of your birth is very important.

And now back to the question about differences between two Arieses, answer is: everything is much more difficult than popular magazines often tell. One Aries, for instance, at initial few minutes of acquaintance looks natal chartactive, decisive and confident, while another one prefers standing apart and smiling nicely. “Why?” – you may think. The first impression is usually made not by the Sun. This is work of Ascendant, a sign, which was standing on the horizon at the moment of person’s birth. A person with Aries Sun and Libra on his/her Ascendant will be very polite and even vacillating, especially at first sight. He/she may have difficulties in staying determined, but from time to time his/her Aries’es genuine unrestrained desire to be first externalizes outside.

Taking into account only this little piece of horoscope, you may imagine how complicated and unique we are, in our multiplicity, with differences in things we good and bad at. And asking somebody about his/her star sign, do not forget that any answer reveals only the top of the iceberg.


Bukovets A.B. (2005). The course of practical astrology, Moscow: March.


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