Things I learned about NU campus life

      I dedicate this blog to all of you, GSE people. Since the beginning of last semester, I have been thinking about my campus life. Therefore, I came up with the idea of writing a post on the theme that is close to us, campus life. campus

     Studying and living in a campus is an incredible experience; this tendency is probably one of the best inventions of human beings. In fact, many people assume that the tendency of campus derived from US; however, it was used during the medieval period in European universities. At campus where we spend our studentship. This temporary moment of our lives will probably be influential. Here are the things I collected about campus life at NU.

  • The dormitory is our home for a period of our study. NU provides us with a dormitory to live in, which is free of charge. It is an enormous gift; nearly hotel level conditions of dormitories can only amaze. We need to treat it as our temporary home, respect and be thankful for these opportunities.
  • You are an independent individual. Living far away from family makes you become more aware of the responsibilities you have. Life is not the same; you cannot rely to your parents any more to fix things for you. Things are now lie on your shoulders. When you realize the beauty of having a complete control on yourself – you become independent.
  • Manage your time. Time passes so quickly at NU, that you cannot escape learning how to manage your time. It is the most significant thing I learned here. Before coming to NU, I could have a messy time management and put all the duties until last minute. There is an enormous amount of information, and if you are not capable of managing your time, you are in trouble. The trouble of sleepless nights, a dizzy head, a feeling of weakness, and rushing for everything.
  • Library is your friend. It is not that I try to look like a nerd, but this is how it goes. You see many students from different schools in the library. It is an everyday reality of NU studentship. When you walk into library, all you see concentrated people who are “all in themselves and their studies” that makes you concentrate too.
  • Diversify communication. All of us know that people cannot live without society. At NU, it is hugely important as you get to become closer to people. By facing each other almost every day; we study, live next to, and spend leisure time together. By the way, do you remember what was told on the first day? It is not only a place to get best education, but also a place to make friends, friends for life.
  • Embrace positive attitude. When you set yourself a shiny mood, everything goes shiny. I believe this is the way to go. We are not undergraduate students – we are graduate students who have much deeper work to do. At that moment, words from one of my favorite movies suit right: “No one said it would be easy”. If we embrace it as a crashing thing, we will fall down.

     There are more things than I listed here, but I decided to list these ones. Do you agree with me? Do you have something to add?

7 thoughts on “Things I learned about NU campus life

  1. I absolutely agree with you, that campus life is incredible experience! To be honest, at the beginning I was little bit afraid of living on-campus, because ex-groupmates evoked some negative association about dormitory life. According to them, they were four to six students living in one room (I am talking about another university); whereas, NU provides excellent living conditions. Another point should be mentioned is that campus is situated next to the university; it really saves time and students’ energy.

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  2. I would like to add few words regarding academic part. All of us have had our own experiences of studying in local universities, but I bet academic component of NU is really something to learn from and dissiminate. The courses are designed in such a manner that students enjoy developing many skills besides internalizing course material. Personally, since the first day of classes my brain have worked as never before. Professors trigger students to think, as Professor Gogas used to keep saying “go to rationale”, to give and support arguments. I believe, some time in the future, this experience will be shared by universities around the country, providing students with firm theoretical and practical knowledge.

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  3. Asha, thanks for snotes about campus life

    I completely agree with you! campus life is something that should be kept in memory for many years. Soon we will tell our children how it was great to live on the campus of one of the best universities in Kazakhstan. NU administration always try to provide the best conditions to live here. Even if I live at home I try to spend more time on campus, particularly in library.The atmosphere disposes to learning very hard. I would spend more time at the university rather than sit at home for hours trying to cover all readings.
    Moreover, dormitory life connect students. I have never lived in dorm before. So for me it is new and very interesting experience. I manage my time and distribute the load in accordance with my needs.

    I am sure we will remember that wonderful time in university

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  4. I would like to add that the campus life teaches us how to adapt to different kinds of people. I suppose, many of us were ignorant of sharing one space with another individual. We were given full attention of our family when living at home. Now the situation has changed. At the moment we are to decide how we will adapt to new conditions, new surroundings, and new people. For some of us it can be irritating to have been waked by the roommate in early morning or deep night. This experience teaches us how to cooperate with the roommates to create cozy workable atmosphere for both of the sides. Additionally, deliberately or no we absorb each other’s habits. So, along with developing the skills of socializing, we grow as communicable personalities who are able to negotiate.

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  5. I definitely agree with you. Although some of the mentioned points are applicable to other universities, there is one that differs, at least from my Alma Mater. This is about the library. Unfortunately, the university I have studied the library was very-very small – it was almost impossible to find a free place there. Moreover, there was no free access to books – all borrowings should have been done through the librarians. Thus, the lines of students willing to borrow a book were not rare. While here, at NU, students can enjoy the “study hard” atmoshere which is really helpful for potential procrastinators and is inspiring for all students. I hope that in the close future all Kazakhstani universities will be enjoying such library that we have.

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    1. Oh, dear friend,
      I absoutely agree with yr list I can add to that list integration skills and acceptnce of singularities.


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