The struggle with an ideology…

Is this and this not a provocation, guys?

The spread of terrorist acts significantly changed the lives of people and the perception of Islamic religion around the world. To the continuation of the classroom discourse about the accident on 7 of January I would like to provide the prehistory of the terrible events in Paris.
Charlie Hebdo – is a satirical magazine mocking politicians, religion and famous people very often of the obscene character. First impingement was in 2011, when the caricaturists published Muhammad prophet naked, causing the act of the office bombing and the Charlie Hebdo website hacking. After the distribution of the film “Innocence of Muslims” French journalists supported the anti- Islamist video publishing negative and even offensive utterances about the prophet and were assaulted. In the course of attacks 12 people including two policemen were killed.
Our Professor asked us to analyze whether the events in Paris somehow connected with the ideology of linguistic purity. According to Weber & Horner (2012), the ideology of purity declares that people have a belief that the only one norm or reality exists and diversity of different views on life should be eradicated. The ideology of purism could provoke racial disturbances, wars; terrorist attacks on the account of religion. Salman Rushdie (2003), states that “those who embrace difference are in danger from the apostles of purity” (as cited in Weber & Horner, 2012, p. 21). The ideology of the purity might evoke the struggle for the power, and that way it could become a real social as well as political danger for human beings. Langer and Davies (2005), mentioned about the emotional factors that drive the influential members of society to perceive things in accordance with their own beliefs and values (as cited in Weber & Horner, 2012, p. 20).
There is a harsh critique in the society. On the one hand people believe that the murders upheld the name of the Prophet because the pictures hurt feelings of all the religious people. However it is refuted by those who argue for the freedom of expression and accept those pictures as a joke.
The linguistic purity here means not the preservation, revitalization or standardization of the language but the way the caricaturists metaphorically showed harsh criticism and censorial pictures of the Islamic prophet which you can see above. Terrorists might hold the idea of purity and did not accept that derision of the Saint. This gives me better understanding of the necessity to pay attention to the education as one of the most important sphere of human future life. If we, future leaders in education, claim to bring up a generation which will be tolerant, democratic and intelligent. How can we attack the roots of religious discrimination? As for me, there is a great need now not to develop the extra abilities, but to start from the very beginning is to bring up a kind-hearted individual who will be abide by the humane rules, will not abandon himself to despair and will think with his own head. Consequently, the terror act was an example of the one-sided life perception that caused such irreversible consequences taken away lots of human lives.
What do you think about this act? What side are you for? Do you think that the ideology of purity could lead to such kind of terrorist acts? Does this act shows that we should start implement teaching subject “religion” at schools? So, is it an ideology or another reason for that kind of action?

Weber, J-J. & Horner, K. (2012). Introducing multilingualism: A social approach. Abingdon: Routledge.

5 thoughts on “The struggle with an ideology…

  1. This discourse can be viewed and discussed through different lenses, and each would be acceptable in its own way. Reading public posts of international experts, journalist and local politologists as well, I have come to the following picture. Muslims, being guests and now “personae non gratae” in Europe cannot dictate their rules to Europeans, who perceive democracy in this very way: freedom of speech and mass media is sacred for the Europeans (media can make fun of any person and it turns out even religions saints). On the other hand, as we can witness, there are undemarcated limits of freedom. There is always a moral side of a problem. Exceeding the limits can lead to unwanted consequences such as the given situation. I personally think that the last event was a provacation on the side of authorities, not necessarily to badmouth muslim population, but legitimize their previous actions directed to control of the spread of islam in Europe (prohibiting mosque building and so on). Actually, this is what Samuel Huntington was talking about, in his “Clash of civilizations”, that people’s cultural and religious identities would be main causes of conflicts in the future.
    P.S. Dear author, i would suggest to remove the pictures above referring to ethical issues.

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    1. Dear Seitbayev!
      Thank you for sharing your point of view. I totally agree with the point that culture and religion could become the reason of the conflicts here and now.

      In order to uproot terrorism it’d be better use our loafs, not to close our eyes. I truly feel remorseful for those our compatriots struggling for the ” religion” In Iraq and Syria who could return in Kazakhstan to create new terrorist organization. Who knows…
      Meanwhile, just recently, the Center of safety programs have identified social portrait of Kazakh terrorist. “This is an unemployed young person about 28 years old, with secondary education”. So, it is obvious that education here plays not the last role. Also, the hotly debated riots occurred after the concert of K.Nurtas in Almaty also changed my mind into the side that we simply do not know to what extent our young generation is prepared to the baleful thoughts of malefactors . The person who is interested in fragmentation of our society could profit from the green minds of our citizens. And from my perspective we as future leaders in education should consider everything happening now in the world, because no one country is indemnified from the terrorist incidents. Finally, I fully agree that it is very sensitive topic to discuss due to the fact that it has respect to all of us.

      p.s. In terms of the pictures, truly to say they hurt my feelings too, but I am not the person who draw them, I have just shared with you the evidence of issues we faced last month.
      Thank you very much for your opinion!!!=)

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  2. I would love to hear more discussion on this topic, especially as it evokes an emotional response. There are some students who argue that this class blog should avoid topics like religion and politics, but I maintain that our blog is exactly the kind of place to model what a fair, open, and balanced discussion of these issues can and should look like. Education, schooling in particular, is not located outside of the world we live in. This means that an overlap of religion, politics, culture, language, etc. is inevitable.

    If you found this post difficult to read, or you disagree with the author, please leave a comment. If you agree with the author, speak up. We have an opportunity to explore a difficult intellectual topic, as well as the process in which we ourselves approach and engage with that topic and each other.


  3. Mariyam, these kind of blogs you simply cannot ignore. Religion as a very sensitive topic can provoke a variety of emotions, and it is dangerous. There is a dilemma I see regarding this topic. On the one hand, being Muslim myself it feels very offensive to hear such awful things going on somewhere outside. The pictures are the main insult. How can anyone joke on religion? It’s like offending someone’s mother. It is a taboo. On the other hand, I partly agree with Seitbayev on the fact that Muslim people living abroad cannot rule and set their own ideas and beliefs. Mariyam, thank you for raising such issue going on in the world.


  4. Dear Asha!

    Thank you for your position! I absolutely aligned in opinions with you in terms of the susceptibility of this topic, and with Seitbayev that Muslims crossed the border of Europeans hospitality. Anyway, there must be no place for the occasions happened in Paris. One way we can eradicate the issue with terrorism is not only educating, but upbringing our children in terms of moral values,spirituality and benignity. However, the one question arises in my mind: Are we prepared enough? Do we know how to up bring the person who will never get cold feet to do smtg. bad? How could we make our young generation become humane at first?

    That are the questions I wanted you to think about..
    Thank you for your comment!!

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