I am MUSLIM and I am not a terrorist

From the first days of their birth my mother-in-law has been teaching her grandchildren the traits of Islam. Hopefully they will grow up into faithful and strong Ummah in the future. Most of the grandchildren are aged below 5, except the oldest girl, who is already 10. Having seen videos about the violence in France, she called my mother-in-law and asked why Muslims are terrorists… In the discussion to follow I would like to introduce you the ghastliest terrorists of the world, mass media.

The 9/11 tragedy in 2001 sealed a terrorist mark on ALL Muslims of the world, accusing them for further incidents as bombing in Indonesia, Turkey, Spain and England (Sirin & Balsano, 2007). Today, Muslims again appear to be the most atrocious Homo sapiens that unreasonably killed innocent people in France, despite the previous offensive actions towards the Prophet. The power of mass communication turned the whole world against Muslims. How did it happen?

Media outlets surround us everywhere: we wake up in the morning listening to the news, go to bed after the news and listen to the news on the way to work and back. Therefore, news is omnipotent driver of the society (Norris et al., 2003). Whether the people accept the new reform or reject depends on fingers of the feature writer. Unfortunately, due to the global demands and speed, the knights of the pen have to make up or even exaggerate the twists and turns of the news, neglecting the “background factors”(Norris et al., 2003, p. 8). I wonder has any of such facile newssupermen thought of dismembered current and future life of Muslim children.

Our children are lucky to live in the society preponderated by Muslims for 70%. Otherwise, they would suffer as 10% of Muslims DO now in France because of remarkable discrimination. Although the whole world tries to blame Muslims for all faults, there is a lack of sufficient and reliable investigations on Muslims most of which cover merely “veiling” and female education (Sirin & Balsano, 2007, p. 1). What is worse, none of them cover the impact of terrorist incident outcomes on Muslim adolescents and their academic and social achievements (Sirin & Balsano, 2007). Widespread velocity news frames are only interested in raising money and acclamation exacerbating the situation.

2 billion Muslims are praying for justice and adequate attitude on the Earth. Let us hope and pray that one day the pencil pushers will start working with good conscience and distribute trustworthy information.


Norris, P., Kern, M., & Just, M. R. (Eds.). (2003). Framing terrorism: The news media, the government, and the public. Psychology Press.

Sirin, S., & Balsano, A. (2007). Editors’ Introduction: Pathways to identity and positive development among Muslim youth in the West. Applied Development Science, 11(3), 109–111.

2 thoughts on “I am MUSLIM and I am not a terrorist

  1. Dear Abitaeva, reading your post I feel there’s some anger and resentment towards the happened event in France, ostracizing the Muslim people, and you’re blaming the mass media for exacerbating this ideology “All muslims are terrorists”.
    I am a Muslim too, but I am not about to announce the whole world stating that “I am not a terrorist”. Because it’s obvious. People know and understand that not ALL of the Muslims are terrorists, as long as they are educated and have brain. It’s just a politics of some people or fault of the media as you mentioned. Just for instance as Dean Obeidallah writes in his post (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/01/14/are-all-terrorists-muslims-it-s-not-even-close.html) the most of the terrorism in US were made by non-Islamic people. There were number of Jewish, Buddhist and Christian terrorist attacks. What does it tell us? That not ALL the terrorists are Muslims. The word “terrorism” does not necessarily prescribes to or defines Islamic society.
    Another thing I would emphasize is your attitude towards Islamic upbringing. Do you think the people of other religion than Islam are not proud of their children? Or giving non accurate or unfaithful upbringing? I don’t think so. There are other 6 religions (stated in The WORLD Factbook) that also bring up their children to be faithful, honest and sincere. As Abay Kunanbaiyev said, the founding father of Kazakh literature, “Love all the human-being! despite the religion, race and nationality”. We should never forget of other religions and nations we live with on this earth, and respect and accept the cultural, religious and national diversity of human being.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Appreciate your opinion about my post, the aim of which was to raise the issue of Mass Media delivery of information. Because of the delusion of reporters about the term “Terrorism”, the society, which totally depends on Mass Media receive wrong information and shift their perception into the wrong direction. The terrorist action, which was neglected by Mass Media in the US recently, is another example of woeful work of reporters. There is every hope that the perception about terrorism and Islam will be separated with the help of reporters with robust knowledge and trustworthy information.


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