How to make reading fun for the growing generation?

Having observed my 2 year old nephew playing ipad, who knows its features better than I do, the other day, I thought: would he love books as much as he loves that gadget in the future? I am not talking about the books that he will have to read at school and university; I am talking about serious fiction literature. I could not help but wonder: Will he even have any favorite books? And how can I help him to raise the love to literature?

The issue of reading generation is especially pivotal for the time being, since contemporary people are more likely to spend unlimited hours surfing on the Internet rather than reading books. According to the journal “Knigolube”, only 17% of Kazakhstani citizens are active readers who buy at least one fiction book a month. More sadly, Kazakhstan’s National Library revealed that the whole generation of young people, who are not even familiar with serious literature, has been formulated over the last 15 years. In addition, they claim that around 50% of the adult population does not read at all. These “book lovers” will definitely be the role models for their growing children. Consequently, there will probably be much more such “book lovers”, who think that reading is a hard work or an old-fashioned occupation.


According to “The reading Kazakhstan” project, reading is a core for individual’s knowledge, gaining professional skills, consciousness and cognitive, which molds the foundation of world view. Besides, it is a crucial element to reach cultural and national values.

I think reading books can be compared to a treasure that contain tons of gold, but is forgotten and only searched by limited number of people. Those who decide to seek for treasure will find golden benefits which develop verbal abilities, improve focus, memory, imagination and so on (“10 reasons why reading will save your life”).


1.         Role-modeling is the best way to make children read. By teaching yourself to read, you teach your children.

2.        Read stories with them. According to Bloch (1996), ‘listening to stories is the most crucial to later competence’ of children (p.5).

3.        Do not demand children to read with the speed of light. Pay more attention if they do enjoy reading and comprehend to it.



Bloch, C (1996). EMERGENT LITERACY, MULTILINGUALISM AND EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT (ECD). Position paper prepared for the Education Sub-Committee of the Language Plan Task Group (LANGTAG).PRAESA, Faculty of Education, University of Cape Town, Private Bag, Rondebosch 7700

National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “The reading Kazakhstan” project of 2010-2013.  Retrieved from

10 reasons why reading will save your life. Retrieved from:


6 thoughts on “How to make reading fun for the growing generation?

  1. The reading really matters. We can endlessly list advantages of being in love with books. Unfortunately, it appears that today, absence of reading creates an informational gap, which starts to be filled by useless and even harmful data. I express my respect to @dina0308 for mentioning topic here. I totally agree that reading should start with a childhood, and proposed tools are valuable support for parents. It is common that professional interest in particular subject starts from time when someone in the age of 7 holds “The science in pictures”. I believe that our parental or brotherly duty is to provide access to books and inspire by providing a role model.

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  2. So sensitive topic, as I have 12 years-old sister, who loves modern gadgets. As an every teenager, she wants to be “up to date” and I understand her. But I really hate when she plays games (I do not believe to the articles about the usefulness of games, for me ALL games are waste of time) and I do not know how to encourage her to reading. I used to buy her books with pictures and illustration, but now she gets older and usually gets boring by reading “unexciting” books as she said. Thanks for your tips about the involvement kids to reading I will try to use them when I go home 🙂
    I cannot say that she hates reading, the problem is that I do not know what books are more suitable for her age? She is not a baby to read tales and also not a mature to read novels. I will be very grateful for any advice 😉

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    1. diana3012, thanks for your comment. I suggest an elecronic book. It may somehow attract her attention. In addition, as I am aware, children at this age are tend to idealize pop-stars. So you may say that some of her idols love reading books:)


  3. Thank you for bringing this issue.
    It is very strange when people are surprised to hear you read books. It is also so strange how odd it became to simply “read” these days. Although, personally for me reading is always an adventure no film will change. In books you are able to create your images that will give you your personal feelings and emotions. Usually, having read the book I always dream of having this movie but when the movie is eventually released I never go to watch it because I don’t want somebody else’s vision and understanding interfere my own thoughts of the book. Well, tasts differ, it is true. That’s why the question is still in personal choice To watch or Not to Watch. I always chose the second. I wish more people did.

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  4. Thank you for giving such a great advice in order to improve child`s interest in reading. However, there are issues to look at the other side of the coin. For example, my friend wants to read fairy tales in Kazakh language for her child, unfortunately stories are too complicated to read and words tent to be difficult to understand even she couldn`t as a adult couldnt get the point. To pharaphrase the story every time while reading to her child, she is tired of it. This is just one of the example to raise the status of reading books for children in Kazakh language and keep our national identity and every family make their own choice. But to encourage children to read books from early childhood cannot replace the gap which will be missed later.

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  5. This is very good topic, to which we should pay more attention in today’s era of information and technology. As I saw from comments, almost nobody is stand apart from this problem of children unwillingness to read. As a parent, I see this problem as catastrophic. Despite the fact that we are all admit the importance of reading books, I agree that the problem to allocate the fairy tails on Kazakhs is challenging. I personally, sometimes could not understand them, so complicate language was used. I do not know weather the new sort of Kazakh writer for children should appear, or more translations from other language fairy tails should be done. But we need some action in this direction.

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