Education-job mismatch among graduates. Thesis topic


Qualified, motivated and well-educated specialists are necessary for development of all spheres in Kazakhstan. According to the state programs, Kazakhstan has the clear aim to be one of the most 50 competitive countries in the world. In this context, the education and job match between graduates who have the clear career goals, play the important role in improving the level of economic, social and political situation in the country. In this post I will describe the importance of my thesis theme – education-job mismatch among recent graduates.

The study of reasons and factors which affect on the education-job mismatch of recent graduates is not completely explored yet in Kazakhstan. Generally, some international quantitative studies were conducted, but none of them are investigated the real qualitative evidence about changing the occupation of graduates.

The quality of higher education of Kazakhstan rapidly declined which became an important issue from 1991 due to the private direction of higher education. This problem directly influence on occupations of graduates because universities prepared students for professions considered as popular and trendy such as economics, law, accounting. As the result, the market was crowded by unqualified specialists who faced serious problems, including education-job mismatch and this problem is existing in Kazakhstan until now.

The purpose of this study is to explore the reasons and factors of mismatch between education (field of study) and current job positions of graduates from different fields of study.

The qualitative study with narrative approach will be implemented in this study. The one-on-one interviews of six young specialists with different majors will explore the reasons and factors which influence on education – job mismatch.

This findings and results of research paper will beneficial for following stakeholders: the state policy, students, parents and higher education institutions. By analyzing the factors and reasons of education-job mismatch from perspective of field of study, it is hoped to (1) explore the reasons and factors of mismatch between job and study field of graduates; (2) highlight the specific opinions about the value of higher education major of graduates.

Kazakhstan needs a qualified and motivated specialists in order to be competitive. Hence, the issue of education-job among recent graduates is crucial and this theme should be explored. I hope this study will contribute the deeper understanding of education-job mismatch of Kazakhstani graduates through their personal stories.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. It will be interesting to see in comments your thesis’s themes


6 thoughts on “Education-job mismatch among graduates. Thesis topic

  1. Nowadays, in order to improve economic, social and political situation our government trying to fulfill the education job mismatch statistics. As far as I realized, our country demands more technical, vocational educational (TVE) and engineering specializations in order to enter the most 50 competitive countries in the world. For example, on September 9, 2011, in Astana, Ms. Sebnem Akkaya, the World Bank Country Manager for Kazakhstan and Mr. Serik Irsaliyev, the Vice Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly announced the official launch of the Technical and Vocational Education Modernization Project for the Republic of Kazakhstan. I’m sure that these kind of projects will assist the Republic of Kazakhstan in enhancing the quality, relevance and efficiency of technical and vocational education.
    According to you topic, I know that this theme will be very hard to investigate. Because you should find out various data in order just to understand the key indicators of education-job mismatch among recent graduates. So, good luck in your thesis.


  2. Thank you Sholpan for an interesting topic you presented. I think this is one of the significant issues here in Kazakhstan to investigate because it will be interesting to explore why this problem exists and to present recommendations to match the education with jobs which can let some ideas to be realized. I think the factors and reasons are varied taking into consideration the changes occurring in society which undeniably affect the situation of education-job mismatch (globalization, education as a key to economic benefits, knowledge-based economy, need to enter 50 most competitive countries’ list, etc.). To sum up, I believe and hope that in the future Kazakhstan will be proud of a great number of motivated and well-educated specialists eager to learn and be patriots of their countries and contribute to the prosperity of the economic, social and political situation in the country.


  3. Just now I have read a valuable tesis topic and good luck on your successfull writing of it!

    To my point of view, mainly education-job mismatch among graduates often happens when:

    1) School students (high school students in particular) are NOT career guided. That is why school students very often face Decision Making Difficulties (DMD) when choosing their future career. According to Gati et al. (1996) career DMD occurs when students:
    * Lack of information about their:
    – abilities;
    – personality traits;
    – preferred career alternatives and their characteristics;
    – ways of obtaining additional information about the self;
    – lack of knowledge about the process of Career Decision Making;

    * Have inconsistent information about:
    – preferred career alternatives;
    – career-related preferences;
    – internal & external conflicts;
    Authors have done several researches about career DMD of students where they prove there is a high need of career guidance for students.

    2) Economic status of families do not allow to pay for tution fees. Even a child wants to study chemistry, not every single family can allow to pay “cosmic” fees at Kazakh National University or Kazakh-British Technical University.

    3) There is no replationship & partnership between economic and social governance. Even we are living in the world of Market Economy, education-job matching of graduates must be in a supreme consideration.

    Again wish you to have the best thesis paper. By the way, “Career Decision Making Difficulties of High School Students” is my thesis topic. :))

    Gati, I., Krausz, M., & Osipow, S. (1996). A taxonomy of difficulties in career decision making. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 43(4), 510-523.
    DOI: 10.1037/0022-0167.43.4.510


  4. I think this is a good thesis topic! I second what previous commenters have mentioned about reading updates and final conclusions. With regards to other theses, I did my Master’s degree in Multilingualism and Education at the University of the Basque Country in Spain and my thesis was about how trilingualism (Basque, Spanish, English) interacts with project-based language learning at the individual school level.


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