Why to use blogging?


Using blogging is relevant and useful. People use blogs for sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences: personal, professional and public. It is interesting that blogging is also used in academic sphere to motivate students to study and give them opportunity to improve their writing and analytical skills, develop skills in using new technologies, and even build their confidence.

In the new era of networking, blogging is popular and used by people of different ages. Some of them prefer to have personal blogs where they put memorable experiences from their lives. They can be in different formats: photos, pictures, favorite songs, audio and video records. Professional blogs are created, for example, by job organizations to share experiences, information or new knowledge. To discuss public issues, news in the country, political views and so on, we create public blogs.

Teachers use blog to build students community, sharing tasks, announcements and readings. It helps to develop students’ sense of audience and voice and make them feel confident in expressing their own points of view.

Using blogs in the classes is helpful for students in practicing ability to write. Reading their fellow students’ posts, they react and give comments on the topics discussed, and make peer – reviewing. This is beneficial and useful for transferring into writing academic essays, assignments and other writings developing analytical thinking.

Blogging is a good experience and tool for making first steps for students who plan to connect their future with digital technologies and media.

I think it is excellent idea to use blogging in English for Professional Purposes course because it will not only improve our writing and analytical skills but also gives opportunity to communicate and make friends with other students.

The relevance and benefits of using blogs is obvious. Blogging makes a person a good writer and thinker; raises students’ interest to studying through using new technologies, and makes them confident and open in sharing their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Moreover, it is up to each person to choose what type of blogs to use personal, professional or public.  Each of them is exciting, interesting and useful by its own.

What are the advantages of blogging to you?

Thank you in advance!


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3 thoughts on “Why to use blogging?

  1. Thank you for this amazing post! You did a great job summarizing all blogging benefits. At the outset of this semester I was thinking about how this kind of activity would be helpful for us. After reading your post, I see that blogging lends itself admirably to educational setting. Definitely, it will enhance our analytical skills as it opens door to discussions and debates. There are already thought-provoking posts concerning Kazakhstani educational system, some of them even propose new solutions to the current issues. I think feedbacks to our posts will yield positive results as well: it will enrich and reinforce our knowledge of certain topics and different educational spheres. Along with that, blogging will perfect our writing skills in a way we can learn new words, expressions and grammar from each other. In other words, it gives us tremendous opportunity to master our writing style and show our voice whatever post we write. As you said, advantages of blogging are obvious; now I am interested in the flip side of having blog. Are there any disadvantages? Could blogging distract our mind from writing as we can turn off the way to social networks? Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?


  2. Blogging is a new trend of nowadays. It’s opportunities are exciting, as people can share their thoughts, opinions and knowledge of certain things publicly. Now one does not have to wait to publish something in newspapers or books, but get it right away. There are no boundaries to blog, anyone can do it.
    There are both sides of the coin in blogging. There are some considerable disadvantages of blogging, dependency of network writing and distance from the real writing. One can blog for the rest of his or her life. And never get to look around. These are just a few of them. It seems to me that advantages prevail over disadvantages of blogging. What advantages of blogging people can get? Diversity of advantages. For one it’s just a new hobby, one can make it the major work of life. In our case when we use blogging for the course at university. Who knows what we will get from this. Will we be inspired by this creative way of the course and continue blogging? Or will we stop and be satisfied with it?
    As for me, I find it hard to answer right away. One thing is for sure, the advantages of blogging will be found in the period of our course. Why not to use this chance to open new horizons of your capabilities in writing. Why not to use this chance to open new horizons of your capabilities in writing. Besides, getting feedback from your peer-students only foments the fire of inspiration in blogging.


  3. Thank you, Lyazzat for posting such an interesting post about “blogging” before I could manage to do it. You are absolutely right to write that people use blogs to share their ideas and thoughts on varoius topics. “Blogging” is a web-based form of communication that is rapidly becoming popular around the world. Usually blogs look like diaries or personal journals. What is good about blogging, it gives a great opportunity for those people who do not tend to speak in public or do not take active part in discussions, they can find it quite comfortable to express their point of views as bloggers. As for me, blogging is like an innovative way to journalism, like an initial step to take towards implementation process of my achieved writing skills. Blogging is also like roaming of your ideas in the cellular networks. These networks of our users of nuwritersguild.wordpress.com are growing with every day and gaining importance. I wish every blogger success and inspiration!


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