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People like to tell stories: share their personal experience about job, education and everyday life. One of the ideal ways to tell stories is blogging. According to, “Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects.” Blogging is not only an activity; it’s a life style which has some advantages like personal and professional growth.

Blogging is essential part of my life. I started to write posts 5 years ago on Kazakhstani blog-platform ( and this fact completely changed my life in positive way. I write posts about issues I’m interested in: books, movies reviews, short stories, poems and posts about social problems in Kazakhstan. In this post, I would like to present my own blogging rules which are helpful for me. I do not want to generalize them for everybody but hope they are interesting.

1. Be passionate.

Yes, I know you have heard this a million times, but it is real true. Posts with “soul” will be definitely successful. Personally, creating posts is like singing. If you sing with strong feelings, then audience will listen. For example, famous video blogger Michelle Phan started to post videos with beauty tips. She became a huge YouTube celebrity with more than a billion views. Moreover, now she owns her line of beauty products and writes books. It is really impressive, isn’t it?

2. Focus on quality and write systematically.

Some bloggers think that quantity of posts is the most important thing in blogging. However, I believe that writer should concentrate on the little elements of every post. Style, design and visual art are crucial for blog. In addition, bloggers should have the systematic approach for writing.

3. Make the list of your blog themes.

It helps to highlight your ideas and write more coherently. Planning is an inevitable part of success.

4. Keep going and be creative

Every human has the original story to tell. People need honesty and interesting facts. Blogs allow realizing this opportunity. I profoundly believe that communication through writing is pure magic. So, let the magic begins!

Do you have your own rules in writing posts?

Thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “My blogging rules

  1. Dear Sholpan,
    I am really interested in your post because I have to do my own first steps in following direction. The direction which is new and unknown for me.
    Blogging, before facing with it, seems to me like writing something in order to communicate and wasting time in network. Partly it might be true but during the in another hand I have realized the positive things too. For instance, sharing with essential and evidence based information which will be useful and helpful for the reader. Also,one important thing is that we can take comments from the audience which may show us the interesting topics, the issues in which our society are interested in.
    Finally, I would like to say that I am very proud to be among young bloggers and hopefully our journey will be interesting and successful.
    P.S. I will take into consideration your rules in order to create my owns.
    Thank you!


  2. Dear Sholpan!

    Thank you for your helpful tips, I will definitely use them.
    Actually, when I first saw that we have to write blogs, you were the first person who came into my mind. I was inspired by your dedication to poetry and writing when we met in March last year. Since that time I have been thinking about starting my own blog and promoting inclusive education in Kazakhstan. Now we all have a great opportunity to start combining our personal interest with academic assignments!
    I am looking forward to read your posts!.


  3. Dear Sholpan, I am amazed that you blog 5 years by now! You must be a good hand at this activity. For me, as a novice blogger, it is very useful information. I will definitely use your advice as a guideline for my posts. After your question “Do you have your own rules in writing posts”, I started to think over my own recipe to writing posts. First thing that came to my mind is to make the headline captivating. To my mind, blog is akin to newspaper article. When I take newspaper or magazine, I first read articles with interesting names. Here is the same! Another thing which I suppose will be useful is to present information in bullet points. This can make the process of reading easier to follow. In continuation of design theme, I have a hunch that capital letters or bold type will be effective technique as well. As regard the content, in my opinion, except passion, the topic should be topical and interesting to the wide audience.
    I hope my comment will give someone other ideas how to write blog in an interesting and effective way…


  4. I would like to write several things concerning to what sholpannur has posted. First of all, your post seems to be interesting and useful for those as me, who has never posted blogs)). I will use some tips you presented!
    Undeniably, it is true that communication via writing can be extremely engaging and absorbing. But, from my point of view, we should also appreciate the initial way of communicating. What about face-to-face communication, when people share ideas, speak on a various subjects, say opinions looking at eyes and feeling something more (true emotions, feelings, etc.) ? Of course, it depends on the fact that people are different, for some of us it is more convenient to speak with people, for some of us it is better to write to people. So, I think, even we go hand by hand with the XXI century, where the Internet offers unbelievably a wide variety of opportunities, we should think about that a simple conversation is also great.

    P.s. However, may be today’s blogs are updated versions of letters of the earliest times!)


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