It is Time for Thesis


Nowadays, for many of us, one of the highly topical and urgent things is writing our Master’s theses. We wrote proposals, read a number of books, journals, articles, and defended what we wrote last semester. Then we had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate New Year and had great holidays. Now we are starting our long and fruitful way of research.

The plan of doing research and writing the findings seems to be clear and approachable, but how can we make it better and easier? How can we ensure that we are on the right way?

I think, may be there are some factors that can influence the writing process. Perhaps, the choice of thesis supervisors, possessed research skills, learning environment or the choice of topic, support and encouragement of “your” people or even your inner qualities (motivation, discipline, etc.) can facilitate or impede the process.

While writing this blog, the idea came to my mind: I would like to know, what are your best tips and traits for writing a good research paper? For example, some of us are good at time management, some of us effectively deal with reading materials (using mind maps, flowcharts, etc.), others are good at writing academically using vocabulary which is appropriate for research paper, while another part of you are waiting for conducting interviews or making a survey as soon as possible.

As about me, I prefer to plan my steps of writing a thesis. I do not remember exactly where I found out such tip or rule “to plan in advance in order to ensure that the task will be done on time”, but I used to use it from my school days. Perhaps, you will find it not useful and time-consuming, but I do not have any special software program or calendar, I just have my block note and write my plans for every day. Of course, it is a pleasure if I manage to do every point of the plan and write ticks in front of the accomplished tasks. However, it is not always so. This is my tip which I can share with you, which I can ensure you that this little tip really works and helps when there is real time pressure.

What about you? What helps you not to be stressed by research and thesis? What can you suggest as effective tips for writing a thesis? What is your advice to us? May be, if you want, write 3 tips which helped to you which then will help others


4 thoughts on “It is Time for Thesis

  1. It is an interesting topic to discuss I think. I agree that time management is important in accomplishing all assignments successfully and in time. For that proper planning is crucial. Your tip clearly demonstrates an example of the citation of Eisenhower “Plans are nothing, planning is everything” mentioned by Professor Montgomery during his first class this semester. As for me, in addition to planning your week, it is also important to concentrate. May be this is not the case for everyone, but, for me if I’m not concentrated enough, all the readings and writings I do are waste of time. Therefore, I try not to multitask when I do my assignments. In other words, I try not to be checking emails, social networks, or do other activities not directly related to the assignment I’m working on. And of course, we should always remember the importance of rest. Productivity is much lower when you are tired and exhausted and there is very little use of torturing yourself to finish something in such situation. Therefore, I try to make short breaks in between and have some rest or do something that I enjoy. And the last is avoiding procrastination. For me, there is one rule to avoid procrastination which is “just start doing it!”


    1. Thanks kusselita, for bringing up this topic. After a long and too exciting winter holidays, I am still trying to gather myself up. Though the idea about Thesis and research never left my mind during holidays. And all above mentioned tips are vital for any assignments and tasks. I agree with zhuldyz1003, that concentration plays significant role in setting about the work. I release my mind form unnecessary ideas and thoughts, and focus only on the topic or question I am going to write about. Personally for me, even just a little sound or music from other part of the room annoys me. That’s why I prefer to work and write in a quiet and peaceful room or place, where nothing distracts me. Then I start to write my plan on a blank paper. But of course I will do multitude of revision. And yes, as you mentioned motivation is a big deal. Because of the motivation, I push myself to do best and accomplish my work good enough. And at last, I try not to disincline myself. If I fail in writing or understanding, I take some time to rethink and encourage myself to do it again. Thank you again, and wish to all of us to write good theses!


  2. Dear Kusselita, thank you for an interesting post! I think planning is very helpful for everything you do. Time management is also important. You know, motherhood learnt me to be organized and responsible to accomplish all deadlines, whether it is submission of paper for my study or making a craft for my six year son for school. Being a mother force me to schedule a day from early morning to late night. But let’s back to my study, I do not really have tips to advice you but what I do is just make notes of every single task and list of all prioritise things to finish, like home work, reading and of course, our assignments:)) It helps to manage my daily tasks and reduce stress…although being not stressful is a really difficult thing to cope with))
    Good luck to all of us!


  3. Writing a thesis is a long and time consuming process. It is necessary to work hard and be goal – oriented. Although we will sometimes feel stressful and tired, we should make this process enjoyable experience. Speaking to those who have already defended their theses would be a good first step to understand that we are in the right way. As we are always busy with our classes, assignments, reports and many other tasks, I quite agree that it would be a good idea to make a well – developed plan. It will help to organize our work not to waste even a minute. Place for working is also very important. It is better to find such place for writing a thesis, which will be comfortable, quiet, and suitable for working: a library, room, equipped with computers or any other place which will not distract attention. I had experience of writing final papers in the canteen of the dormitory #23. There were many other students busy with their papers. Looking at their work, I was motivated to continue doing mine. Another benefit was that when we felt hungry, we could buy some snacks there or in a shop located in that dormitory. All the conveniences, just do work. To feel support, while writing a thesis it is good to consult a supervisor or students. They can give some useful advice which will contribute to a thesis. The last but very crucial is to take care of our health, sleep and eat on time, have a rest communicating with friends and relatives. If to follow all these “tips,” we will succeed in writing excellent theses.Wish everybody prosperous work.

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